WordPress Toolkit Deluxe Available To All Accounts

WordPress Toolkit Deluxe is now a standard hosting feature for all paying hosting accounts at Web Hosting Magic.

WordPress Toolkit is an all-in-one WordPress management solution for WordPress® installations.

better WordPress hosting with WordPress Toolkit Deluxe

WordPress Toolkit makes working with WordPress easier even if you have 1000 of them installed.

With WordPress Toolkit Deluxe, you get:

  • feature-rich & hassle-free management of WP websites, with plugin & theme set management.
  • staging and cloning functionality make experimenting and testing updates easier than ever.
  • advanced security features such as smart updates to ensure the safety of your websites.

To use WordPress Toolkit, visit the Domain section of your cPanel.

If you are unable to see WordPress Toolkit, use the search field in cPanel to look for it.

As recommended before, do not use Softaculous WordPress Manager at the same time with WordPress Toolkit.

Elect to go with one: Softaculous WordPress Manager or WordPress Toolkit Manager.

We hope that this will make your WordPress hosting experience even better.

If you are not a customer yet, please visit our web hosting plans at ⁣dashboard.webhostingmagic.com/store/web-hosting-packages to gain access to a better WordPress hosting with WordPress Toolkit Deluxe.