WordPress Toolkit Backup/Restore MySQL 8.0 Database Issue

It was recently discovered that databases with special functions in MySQL 8.0 fail to backup. 

This is due to a change in MySQL 8.0 when handling specific types of data. 

The MySQL documentation states the following:

Incompatible Change: Access to the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.FILES table now requires the PROCESS privilege.

This change affects users of the mysqldump command, which accesses tablespace information in the FILES table, and thus now requires the PROCESS privilege as well. Users who do not need to dump tablespace information can work around this requirement by invoking mysqldump with the --no-tablespaces option.

This error is specific to users created under cPanel accounts, for use with applications (such as DB_USER variable in WordPress wp_config.php). 

There is no known workaround to allow this to function in the WordPress Toolkit though the WordPress Toolkit developers are aware of the issue.

Until they release a solution for this issue, please use either:

  1. PHPMyAdmin
  2. cPanel's Backup Wizard or 
  3. Jetbackup

to take backups of MySQL databases of your WordPress websites.