WordPress Database Malware Infection Clean-up Made Simple


Database infections are destructive.

But even more so, they can be a persistent threat. 

With over 30% of all malicious files caused by this kind of infection, cleaning them up can be very tasking to you, the website owner.

The vector of infection can be a situation:

  • where a developer copies and pastes a code without understanding what it actually does.
  • via an installed plugin or extension.
  • or a deliberate infestation that occurred because the website owner has not enforced available two-factor authentication and someone gains access to his or her system.

It doesn't matter how this happens.

One thing that is certain is that this often stays hidden and the authors can selectively call them to function without anyone being any wiser.

But even more so is that the account will stay compromised and will cause malicious files to keep on reappearing.

Today, we are announcing a Malware Database Scanner feature.

Our Malware Database Scanner gets to the bottom of such problems and eliminates those DB infections.

It is a solution designed to get to the bottom of the problems and eliminate those DB infections.

MDS automatically uses information from WordPress configuration files to get DB connection details for each CMS. 

Then it safely and reliably backs up suspicious DB data ensuring that each step can be unmade in case an issue arises.

This happens 100% out of sight without you needing to do anything at all.

No SQL knowledge, no connection strings, passwords, etc needed.

For the moment, only WordPress databases are supported.

But it is good to know that all WordPress CMS hosted on our systems have access to this feature.

But the feature will be extended to include all content management systems (CMS) once released.

Please note that while this has been enabled, it is still a beta feature.

Our team (alongside the CL engineers) is closely monitoring its performance and hoping that it will help protect you even better.

If you noticed any odd database behavior, do let us support team know at once.

Thanks and have a beautiful and wonderful weekend.