We Have Rolled Out New cPanel Features With 80

Web Hosting Magic has rolled these out to our cPanel customers exciting new features and improvements that came with cPanel version 80.

One-Click HTTPS Redirection of Websites

The importance of having an SSL for services and websites on your server cannot be understated.

It is for this reason why when you create a new website with Web Hosting Magic or migrate your websites to our system, we install an SSL to that website automatically.

However, there are times when resources on such website may not have been configured to serve via HTTPS.

As "how do I redirect traffic to the secure or HTTPS version of the URL" has been one of the most common support requests we get from our cPanel end-users is, we have added a new feature to make that redirection even easier.

Our server upgrades to cPanel version 80 brings a Force HTTPS Redirect toggle to cPanel's Domains interface at cPanel >> Home >> Domains >> Domains.

In the Domains interface in cPanel (Home >> Domains), there’s an option to enable Force HTTPS Redirection from the insecure version (HTTP) to the secure version (HTTPS) with a toggle switch.

When enabled, it automatically redirects website visitors who attempt to access the insecure version of a website (HTTP) to the secure version (HTTPS).

This information is stored in the account’s userdata files (/var/cpanel/userdata), and the redirection is built into the domain’s vhost configuration.

No more messing around with your .htaccess or deal with the risk that comes with editing the file manually or use WordPress plugins to redirect resources to HTTPS.

Please note that you can only enable redirection on main domains that also possess a valid SSL certificate.

Aliases (aka Parked Domains) will inherit their redirection status from their parent domain.

cPanel API Tokens

We added the Manage API Tokens interface to cPanel allowing cPanel users to issue API tokens.

Hosting resellers and third-party developers can now use these tokens to authenticate as the cPanel user and issue API calls.

You can find this cPanel >> Home >> Security >> Manage API Tokens.

SpamBox for new cPanel accounts

We are added a feature that simplifies the process of preventing spam in users' inboxes.

Each new account created now will have this created by default.

This makes the process of keeping spam out of your users' inboxes much easier.

Plus addressing mailbox creation

Our cPanel users can disable automatic mailbox creation for plus addressing in the Email Accounts interface found at cPanel >> Home >> Email >> Email Accounts.

The server still delivers plus address messages to the proper mailbox. The Automatically Create Folders setting only affects mailbox creation.

Webmail Roundcube Calendar

Webmail Roundcube interface found at Webmail >> Home >> Roundcube now ships with an internal calendar.

Roundcube's database stores the internal calendar's data.

As our cPanel customers, you can also add a CalDAV calendar to your Roundcube account.

Improved password strength check algorithm

Password strength check algorithm has now been improved to return lower scores for passwords with common dictionary words.

Using words found in the dictionary as password is really a very bad idea as it is often the first place that password crackers starts.

This feature allows you to define minimum strengths for passwords for all of cPanel & WHM's features that require password authentication.

The system rates password strength on a scale of 0 to 100, where 100 represents a very strong password.