How To Turn On ModPagespeed For Your Domain

mod_pagespeed, a Google web server module that automatically optimizes and boosts your site performance is now available to all web hosting accounts.

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While it is available to be used, customers have to explicitly enable it on their domains and websites to start reaping its benefits.

Before enabling mod_pagespeed for any domain, we highly recommend that you double-check to ensure that it has a valid SSL/TLS certificate (which by the way is FREE to all web hosting accounts).

How To Turn On ModPagespeed For Your Website

To enable mod_pagespeed on your domain:

Log in to cPanel

Select File Manager from the Files section.

Select the .htaccess file and click on Edit

If the file is not visible, configure File Manager to show hidden files.

how to enable htaccess file in cPanel

If you are still unable to see a .htaccess file after toggling File Manager to show hidden files, then you need to manually create one.

Once you have opened your .htaccess file, add the following to the rule found at to the file.

Save to close the file then visit the website to make sure that everything is OK.

How To Check To See If ModPageSpeed Working

You can easily verify it works either by:

  • reviewing the response headers via your favorite browser's Developer Tools
  • checking for the headers using the curl command:
    curl -v --silent 2>&1 | grep pagespeed
  • viewing your web page source code and looking for instances of "x-mod-pagespeed "
  • or using third-party tools such as or to check the header and look for ModPagespeed.

ModPagespeed comes with standard core filters that are configured to be safe for most websites.

If you are adding additional filters, we assume that you understand the risk.

We highly recommend that you try everything out in a development environment before enabling mod_pagespeed on a live website.

If you discover after enabling mod_pagespeed that your website is having issues, please disable mod_pagespeed.

If you are not a customer yet, please visit our web hosting plans at ⁣ to gain access to a better web hosting service with mod_pagespeed.