Hourly & Daily Backup-as-a-Service Now Available To Customers

As humans, we are not particularly good at understanding probabilities.

Especially when it comes to guessing the odds of things that could happen in our lives.

Unpleasant things happen...

But uhmmm ... it happens to other people.

Until it happens to us.

The chances may be infinitely small.

But if the same conditions apply, we found ourselves in the same exact situation.

This is true for good things that one wishes happen to him, her, or them.

And also true when we fail to take steps to ensure business continuity even when the worst happens.

Events such as:

  • account compromise that stole an organization's data, emails, etc
  • malware infection that made their website a no-go area
  • or plain ol' carelessness that made it impossible to conduct business

can be devastating to any business.

And could any of this happen when you are hosting a website?

Yes, it could.

It could happen because we have seen customers ignoring easy-to-implement security recommendations.

A typical example would be when a customer ignores the recommendation to:

  • use a strong, unique password of at least 18 characters and made up of a combination of letters, numbers, cases, and symbols.
  • enable two-factor authentication on every cPanel or Plesk account you have with us
  • enable two-factor authentication on your billing account

As a customer, our security is extremely important to us.

It is why we keep reminding you of the need to take measures to better protect your accounts.

Yes, we

  • have systems in place to thwart automated password crackers
  • work with security partners to prevent brute-force attacks on your website/applications
  • do everything we can to protect your website from vulnerability exploitation (including 0-day attacks) & malware infections
  • etc

But none of these matters if you are using short, common passwords or dictionary words as passwords.

There are tools that could help you create passwords that will not be guessed by password cracking programs or bad guys.

Tools such as:

could help securely generate strong, unique passwords for each and every one of your accounts.

We have seen customers not bothering with back-ups.

Even when there are 3 different, easy-to-use self-service backup options.

We have seen customers not acting when our systems send a notification to update an application or its supporting resources (for example WordPress core, plugin, or theme).

Even when such an update is rolled out to patch security vulnerabilities.

To save us from ourselves, Web Hosting Magic is today announcing a daily backup-as-a-service.

We have been testing this service with several businesses with a need for hourly replication.

When purchased, the system backs up your data once every 24 hrs to a secure off-site location.

And as a customer, you too can take advantage of this service to stack the odds in your favor.

If anything happens, we restore your account with the exact copy of your data as it was within the past 24 hrs.

For those businesses with a need for hourly replication, we take a real-time snapshot of the data every hour.

If anything happens, we restore the exact copy of your data as it was within the past 60 minutes.

To take advantage of this offering, please visit https://dashboard.webhostingmagic.com/store/

To read more about the recommended steps, please visit https://blog.webhostingmagic.com/how-to-prevent-web-hosting-data-loss-or-compromise

Please, help us help you better.

Thanks and have a great week ahead.