CodeGuard Automated Backup Pricing Lowered

Yes, we do back up your data.

But we do this randomly on a certain days every week.

What happens if your data is compromised and you have put in tons of work the other day before this happened?

If you ask us a for a backup (which by the way is free up to 3 GB), what we have for you may be a week out of date.

We also do not back up suspended accounts.

Enter CodeGuard.

CodeGuard is a fast, reliable website backup service built for rock-solid reliability and durability and protected with AES-256 server-side encryption.

With CodeGuard automated daily backups, you can recover deleted files, overwritten files and if a site is hacked, the system will replace it with the cleaner version.

And there is more.

With CodeGuard, you will get:

  • a self service protection for recovering from accidental deletions and file overwrites.
  • 1-click restore that saves you time and heartache by getting your site back to where it was before the issue occurred.
  • built-in automated WordPress management that include WordPress plugin and auto-recovery on update failure.
  • website time machine where every backup is timestamped allowing you to rollback your site on-demand to any point in time.
  • file change alert monitoring that monitor changes to your website and alerts you when any change occur.
  • a simple & straightforward pricing where you pay only for the amount of backup storage disk space you need.

We have seen a rapid adoption of this product by over 56% of our total customer base.

To encourage more customers to use thus service, we are lowering pricing for all CodeGuard products by 30% for monthly terms and by 70% for annual subscription immediately.

You can view our current pricing at