Behold Jupiter, Our New cPanel Theme

We are delighted to introduce you to our new cPanel theme that is designed to improve the cPanel interface for both new/experienced users and cPanel more user-friendly.

The name is called Jupiter and if you log in to your cPanel, switch to the new theme, you will notice on the side-pane that it now has two main pages: the Tools page and the Solutions page.

The Tools Page lists cPanel’s applications and grouped them into categories. Like in Paper Lantern, you can click on and drag these groups to arrange them in any order. On the right sidebar, the General Information and Statistics panels display website and server information at a glance.

The Solutions Page is created with first-time cPanel users in mind. It is designed to guide you on how to use cPanel effectively and efficiently. Experienced users may also find this page to be a valuable source of information.

On the Solution page, the top twenty questions asked by our users are listed.

Clicking on any of these questions will take you to our public documentation to help you find a solution to your issue.

If you don’t see the problem you are experiencing, we have also included links to our documentation at

The Main Menu allows you to easily switch between these two pages.

While Jupiter is now the default for all newly-created accounts, customers with existing accounts can choose the one you are most comfortable with or switch between these two modern user interfaces.

Note: Before proceeding with the theme switch, please note that some plugins that we provide haven't been configured to work with the new Jupiter theme. If you are unable to see or use the JetBackup, Softaculous, etc after switching to Jupiter, please switch back to Paper_Lantern/Glass to use them.

In the Paper Lantern theme – From the cPanel interface, select your theme in the General Information panel from the drop-down menu:

cPanel Paper_Lantern Theme

In the Jupiter theme – From the Tools page in the cPanel Interface, select your theme in the General Information panel from the drop-down menu:

cPanel Jupiter Theme

We hope that you will find Jupiter as useful as we believe you would and have a great weekend!