Announcing Our New Server Status Page

Routine system maintenance (to keep the machine hale & hearty), unplanned outages (gremlins) do happen.

When this pops up, you want to know about it.

Not only to help you plan, but we believe that this also will keep you abreast of any existing issues.

As part of a long-standing effort to be proactive and transparent, we have created a public status page to inform customers of network maintenance and/or real-time server issues.

The page is located at

Statuspage Bot Dancing

When you visit the page, scroll down and you can see options to:

  • subscribe to receive emails
  • subscribe to receive desktop notifications

Unlike the page at which requires logging in to view current status, no login required for this public-facing page.

It is important to note though that not all systems will be available on this page.

We hope this helps and of course, will be looking forward to your suggestions & feedback.