Tarrasque.io is 1 year old!

I'm extremely proud to announce that Tarrasque.io is now 1 year old!

Join the celebration on Discord and use coupon code ONEYEAR to get 10% off all plans and merch. Valid until 31/07/2021.

It feels like yesterday, but last year on this exact day, Tarrasque.io launched in Closed Beta. The Reddit post announcing its release went pretty crazy with 16.2k upvotes, and the support from the community was nothing short of heartwarming. 

Open Beta followed in May 2021, which introduced the Free Plan and opened Tarrasque's doors to the public for the first time. More than 15,000 people visited the website during release week, marking a huge milestone for the app.

As of today, Tarrasque.io is the VTT of choice for well over 3,000 users, and hosts:

  • 3,107 campaigns
  • 7,676 battle maps
  • 11,070 adventurers
  • 70,132 monsters
  • 40,305 spells
  • 47.7 GB of images and video

To everyone who helped make this journey possible, THANK YOU! Your support has allowed me to continue working on something I love, and for that, you have my unending gratitude.

Thank you for an amazing year, here's to the next one!


Announcing Tarrasque.io Open Beta 🎉🎉🎉

Tarrasque.io is now officially in Open Beta - and with it, comes the Free Plan!

I'm thrilled to announce that Tarrasque.io is finally opening its doors to the public! With the introduction of the Free Plan, former patron and player accounts have been transitioned over, and can now freely create maps and campaigns. So go on, try it out and invite your friends over - Tarrasque.io is free!

Plan Changes

With the free plan being a thing, I felt that it was necessary to revamp and improve the value provided by the Titan and Legend tiers. As such, these tiers have now been replaced by the Standard and Premium plans. Here's what's changed:

  • The new Standard and Premium plans contain 5 times more storage (!) than their Titan and Legend Patreon equivalents (5 GB vs 1 GB for Standard/Titan, and 25 GB vs 5 GB for Premium/Legend)
  • The Standard plan now includes Behind-The-Scenes Content and Dev Server Access. This was previously a Legend-only feature.
  • The new Standard plan is now limited to 50 Battle Maps and 3 Campaigns for new users, but users upgrading from a Patreon tier will receive Unlimited Battle Maps and Campaigns.
  • Annual subscriptions now give you a discount of 20%, as opposed to the 10% discount on Patreon. More savings!
  • Oh, and the Sales Tax is now included in the price you see. No hidden fees. I'll eat the cost so that you don't have to.

To upgrade to the new plan structure and get these benefits, simply log in to your dashboard and click the "Manage Plan" button on the bottom left. The payment system used here is different than the one on Patreon, so you'll need to reenter your information. Just make sure to cancel your Patreon membership afterward to avoid double payments!

NB: I understand that many of you have ongoing yearly subscriptions but still want to take advantage of the new plans. Not to fret! Just get in touch with me via live chat and I'll cover the rest of your Patreon subscription!

Lifetime Discount

As a token of my appreciation for supporting Tarrasque.io early on, every patron (former and active) will automatically get an extra 10% lifetime discount applied to their account, upon subscribing to the new plan structure (yes, this stacks with the annual discount). This is just the first of a few small gestures to thank you for your support.

New-ish Landing Page

We have a slightly newer landing page over at https://tarrasque.io. The design is slightly different, some wording has changed here and there to adapt to the free plan, and oh what's this? A face reveal?! Yup. Some of you have been asking me to put a face to the name, so there you are! Hi!

New Patreon Focus

As Tarrasque.io no longer uses Patreon as its membership site, you might be wondering what the Patreon page's purpose is going forward. Well, it's here to stay! Tarrasque.io can always use more support, and I'm planning to add some interesting content to it in the very near future. Think Q&A, development bloopers, live streams, and more!

Once again, thank you all so much for your support over the past 10 months. You guys made my dream a reality.


New Public Roadmap

I'm happy to announce that the Tarrasque.io Public Roadmap has been moved from Trello over to Nolt.io. Check it out at https://tarrasque.nolt.io/roadmap!

The new roadmap makes the priority of features a lot clearer and gives you a quick look at trending suggestions. It's also a whole lot easier to vote and search for tasks, and you now have the ability to post suggestions yourself.

I've ported over all of the existing suggestions and votes, so there's a bit of a headstart there already.

Enjoy, and thanks for your support again!