Tarrasque.io v0.22.1

Hi everyone! This release includes a couple of fixes for rotating tokens, iOS device compatibility and performance fixes, and a new version notification! Enjoy!


  • You will now be notified when a new version of the app is available! This should solve a lot of issues with backwards-incompatible updates when you have a tab of the app already open.

  • Changed the token rotation handle to scale with the token dimensions, in order to avoid it being hidden behind the resize handles.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug on iOS devices where the grid and shapes would get misaligned after switching back from another tab/app.
  • Fixed an issue where tokens refused to save rotation preferences on gargantuan maps.
  • Fixed an unhandled error for Firefox on iOS devices which caused the bug report modal to pop up.

Tarrasque.io v0.22.0: Rotate Tokens

New year, new update! Today's release brings a lot of goodies like rotating tokens, a faster way to switch between the Pan and Select tools, and more! Happy new year and enjoy!

New features:

  • Rotate tokens. You can now rotate tokens on the map by 15-degree angle intervals. Oh, and so can your players!


  • Middle-click to move the map. You can now move the map by holding down middle-click to switch to the Pan tool temporarily. This currently only works when using the Select tool. I'm looking into ways to make this possible for the other tools, as well as a way to implement this on touch devices.
  • Upload progress. When uploading a new image, a progress bar will show at the top of the page indicating the upload progress.
  • Changed the label for the "Players" multi-select for Adventurers and Monsters to "Controlled By" to make it clearer as to what it does.
  • Updated Keyboard/Mouse Shortcuts and related tooltips.
  • Shortened time to first-load on the dashboard and added data loading indicators.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with transparent battle map images showing the app background behind them. This will now show the theme background instead.
  • Fixed an issue where gargantuan images would fail to upload.
  • Fixed a bug where right-clicking a token while another token's actions menu was open would move the first token's menu to the new cursor location.

Tarrasque.io v0.21.0: Auto-Roll From Stat Block & Semi-Offline Support

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Santa decided that you were too good to be writing out dice notations manually, so he has a gift for you 🎅! Enjoy!

New features:

  • Automatic Dice Rolls from Stat Blocks. You can now click on various dice notations in a stat block to trigger an automatic dice roll! No more manual typing!

  • Semi-Offline Support. Tarrasque.io can now be used semi-offline! If your connection drops halfway through the session, you can continue making changes to the map, and your players will see them once you go online again.


  • Players multi-select is now always shown on Adventurers/Monsters, even if a campaign is not selected, to increase the visibility of the feature.
  • Heavily increased stat block editing performance.
  • When creating a new battle map, if no campaign is selected, the campaign field will now default to your first owned campaign.

Important: This is the first release with no bug fixes in a very long while, which means that we're on a good track for Open Beta! Due to that, it has become necessary to create some legal documents to protect Tarrasque.io against abuse. You'll be asked to accept these terms to continue using the app when you next log in. If you have any concerns regarding these Terms, please email me at richard@tarrasque.io. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have!

P.S.: Nearly there with rotating tokens, it was supposed to be out in this release but I found a bug with the library I'm using and I'm talking with its developer to try to figure out a solution!

Tarrasque.io v0.20.0: Token Nameplates

Hi everyone! This release brings a few new features and improvements that have been requested for a while. Enjoy!

New features:

  • Token Nameplates are here! You can now show the names of creatures on the map. Enable this feature in the Combat Tracker!

  • The Combat Settings modal now auto-saves when you make a change. Also, the layout has been updated to be clearer, and I've added some helper tooltips.

  • As shown above, you can now toggle Token Markers to be hidden on the map but still show on the Combat Tracker, if you prefer to show more of the token art.


  • No more lost changes. When closing a stat block modal, you'll now be notified if you have unsaved changes.

  • Token Markers have been moved to the bottom of a token, as they're more related to the HP than the nameplate. Also, further increased marker scale - they should be a lot more visible now when zoomed out.
  • HP bars are now slightly rounded for a more unified feel with the rest of the app.
  • Newly-uploaded images are now converted to WebP to decrease file size and allow for faster loading times. If your browser doesn't support WebP, it'll fall back to the original image format.
  • Improved tooltips across the entire application to provide more information as to what each thing does.

  • Added a tooltip to the Gained XP number to explain what it does.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug which set the wrong campaign for a newly-created battle map.
  • Fixed an issue with the thumbnail generator sometimes cutting a preview image in half.

Tarrasque.io v0.19.1

Hi everyone! Just a quick round of improvements and bug fixes for token markers and beyond! Great stuff on the horizon - stay tuned. Enjoy!


  • After popular demand, the token markers are a bit bigger now to increase visibility on the map.
  • Reordered and recategorized some token markers based on usage. Also turned the list into a two-column view to avoid constant scrolling.

  • Changed the Shape Tool and Draw Tool cursors to the standard crosshair icon.
  • Token counters no longer show on the map for players while combat is stopped to avoid metagaming.
  • Added a warning that deleting a campaign will also delete any assigned adventurers, monsters, and spells.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug which caused battle map images (just the images, not any of the data) to be deleted when deleting an unrelated campaign. If you're getting an "Image missing" message or some of your players can't see the map, you'll need to re-upload the map image through the Update Battle Map modal.
  • Fixed an issue with the Update Adventurer and Update Monster modals having dark scrollbars which made them hard to scroll with.
  • Fixed an issue with new sign-ups not seeing tokens on the sample map.

Tarrasque.io v0.19.0: Token Markers, Conditions & Status Effects

Hi everyone! It's been a long time coming, but I'm happy to say that token markers are finally here! Woo! Enjoy!

New features:

  • Token Markers are now live! You can now click on a token to show its actions bar and apply conditions, status effects, and class abilities to it!


  • Changed the combat setting Show Combat Tracker in Guest View to Show Combat Tracker to players. When this option is disabled, the Combat Tracker is now disabled and hidden in all views visible by players.
  • Players are now only allowed to look at the Combat Tracker when combat has started and if Show Combat Tracker to players is enabled. This should avoid players peeking at an encounter before combat.
  • Switched the position of the Toolbar with the Zoom, Grid, and Volume controls. This new layout should hopefully be a little more intuitive.

  • Made Zoom, Grid, and Volume controls smaller to save space on mobile devices.
  • Increased maximum zoom level to assist with lower resolution maps.
  • Changed scrollbars to appear the same regardless of the operating system.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with the grid squares not updating in size when the total grid dimensions change, thus causing grids to be misaligned.
  • Fixed a bug with the tooltips on the Toolbar not showing on hover.
  • Fixed an issue with thumbnails not showing transparent regions.
  • Fixed an issue with dragging a token that has since been deleted.
  • Fixed an issue with the hit points bar not filling up its available vertical space.
  • Fixed a bug with storage calculation.

Tarrasque.io v0.18.1

Hi everyone! This release has a few bug fixes, some performance and stability improvements, and a few more QoL changes! Enjoy!


  • Added a loading progress bar at the top of the map to indicate when the full-resolution image/video has finished loading.

  • The Dashboard and Battle Maps panel now update automatically when a battle map has been added, updated, or deleted. No need to refresh anymore!
  • Dashboard battle map images now sport a loading spinner to let you know if they're still loading or if they've failed.

  • Changed the Adventurers and Monsters panels to show the selected default token color, so that it's consistent with what you'll see when you drop the token.

  • Renamed the default token corners option "Circle" to "Circular".

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where updating share access would sometimes undo changes on a battle map.
  • Fixed a bug where newly-added tokens wouldn't adhere to the default token color.
  • Fixed a bug with the dimensions of new tokens for maps where the grid square was more of a grid rectangle (e.g. 110x100).
  • Fixed an issue with Duplicate Battle Map not copying over Area of Effect shapes.
  • Fixed an issue with being able to open the token actions for a token that has been deleted.

Tarrasque.io v0.18.0: Sort Assets & Token Locations

Hi everyone! Another huge QoL update and a lot of bugfixes in this release. Enjoy!

New features:

  • Sort assets. Ever hoped you could sort your monsters by Challenge Rating or Armor Class? Well, now you can!

  • Previous token location. You can now see the previous location of a token you're moving so that you can better estimate how much movement it has left!


  • Drag to map location. When using a grid, dragging a creature to the map will now show you where the token will appear once you drop it.

  • Add to map location. When hovering over the "Add to Map" button, you'll now see a preview of where the token will appear when you click it.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with tokens being added to an adjacent grid square when dropped too far from the center of the square. 
  • Fixed an issue with the bug report dialog showing up during a file size error, and thus causing you to miss the error message.
  • Fixed an issue with the spells importer not working for XML files.
  • Fixed token resize handles not updating when a token has been moved or deleted.
  • Fixed a bug with token resize handles showing up over stat blocks and token actions.
  • Fixed an issue with being able to drag the map image element when using the Select tool.
  • Fixed a bug with stat blocks showing up over popovers and token actions.
  • Fixed an issue with text on the map being selectable.
  • Fixed a calculation issue with storage space usage.

Tarrasque.io v0.17.0: Video Battle Maps

Hi everyone! After a complete rewrite of the upload functionality, I'm thrilled to announce the release of video battle maps! Enjoy!

  • Bring your maps to life. You can now upload video battle maps with sound!. Uploading is also now a lot more reliable and big files should no longer fail randomly.

  • First contentful paint. Battle maps now load a low-resolution version while the original is loading, so you can interact with the map faster!

  • Backups. Lots of them. Your maps and data are now being encrypted and backed up 4 times a day (on-site and off-site) to ensure that nothing ever gets lost.
  • Your used storage space can now be seen on the dashboard.

  • The latest unread update will now appear on your dashboard. Click on it to view more!

  • Untouched stat blocks now expand/collapse when toggling a panel

Tarrasque.io v0.16.1

Hi everyone! Tiny update today with a stat block improvement and a couple of bugfixes! Enjoy!

  • Changed stat block behavior so that it fills available vertical space without covering the Adventurers/Monsters panel.
  • Fixed a bug that caused entities on the map to flicker when a player moved a token.
  • Fixed an issue with being able to zoom in/out before the map data had finished loading.
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