Tarrasque.io v0.34.1

The big rewrite of the backend and the underlying infrastructure is finally finished! Development pace will go back to normal now 🙂  Enjoy!

What's new:

  • The Big Rewrite. For the nerds among you, Tarrasque.io is now running in secure containerized microservices, with the ability to scale as traffic demands, and the security of a Stone Golem! As a result of this and a few other optimizations, things should feel much snappier!
  • Multiple monster and spell imports from the SRD. Gone are the days of importing each creature one-by-one! Prepare your adventures efficiently by importing the creatures you need all at once!


  • A warning message is now shown when the connection to the server is lost, either due to an update or something else going wrong. This should let you know if you're not receiving real-time updates and need to refresh!

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with the chat toggle showing a negative number of unseen messages when chat history is deleted.

Tarrasque.io v0.34.0: Map Notes & Grid Alignment Tool

Today's update brings a few highly-requested features, some bug fixes, and a couple quality-of-life improvements. Enjoy!

What's new:

  • Grid alignment tool. You can now accelerate your grid setting-up process even further! Zoom in as much as possible on your map, open up Grid Settings, click on the Alignment Tool icon, and draw a rectangle covering a grid square. The drawn grid dimensions will be rounded up, but that should get you close enough for any further modifications.

  • Map notes. Mark a secret door, add points of interest, write flavor text, or remember to spring your traps. You can now switch to the Note tool on the Toolbar and click anywhere on the map to add a note for just about anything in your games. Only for the DM's eyes!

  • Constrain grid proportions. If you know you have a square grid, click the chain icon to make your cell width and height follow each other's values. This should make it a tiny bit faster to set up maps with consistent grids.


  • Skip dead combatants. Tarrasque.io will now automatically skip creatures in the Combat Tracker that are dead! This excludes adventurers who may be rolling death saving throws.
  • Rich text editor toolbar. The editor toolbar is now always visible above any rich-text editable area.
  • Redirect to map for password-protected maps. You can now redirect viewers to any map, regardless of if it's been shared with your players or is password-protected.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where multi-selected combatants of the same creature would get added into combat with the same counter.
  • Fixed a bug on the Chat which caused autoscrolling to the last message not to work properly.
  • Fixed a UI bug on the Chat where player avatars were pushing the content down, thus hiding the text box.
  • Fixed an issue with the Previous button being active during the first turn of the first round of combat.

Tarrasque.io v0.33.0: Temporary HP, Quick Token Actions & Diagonal Measurements

Yet another packed update! Lots of new features and improvements, as well as some more quality-of-life updates. Enjoy!

What's New:

  • Temporary HP. Well, this has been a long time coming. Temp HP is now a thing, and persists across maps for adventurers! Also, you can no longer heal a creature to more than its maximum HP or damage it beyond 0 HP. Dead is dead!

  • Quick Token Actions. You can now change the HP and markers of a creature directly from its token without having to right-click it or go to the Combat Tracker!

  • Out of Combat HP. You can now see (and edit!) the HP of any creature, regardless if it's in combat, simply by clicking on it to reveal its HP bar and the Quick Actions.

  • Diagonal Measurements. The PHB, the DMG, and Euclid walk (diagonally) into a bar. You decide how diagonal movements should be measured now. Oh, and this works with chained measurements as well (right-click while measuring).

  • Persistent Token HP. Tokens now remember their HP in and out of combat. No more accidentally resurrecting creatures when finishing combat.
  • Persistent Token Counter. When adding 3 goblins to combat, and removing the 1st, the remaining goblins would have their top-right creature counters updated to match the new order. This led to confusion because what was once Goblin 2 is now Goblin 1. No more of that - tokens now remember their number until the last token of that creature has been removed from combat.
  • Combat Reset has a new home. Since tokens now remember their HP, there's no reason not to use this to quickly reset combat! This will ask for a confirmation before proceeding so don't be afraid to test it out!


  • Grid settings have been merged under one button to make them a bit simpler to use. Also, some inputs are hidden when Snap to Grid or Visible are unchecked so as not to overwhelm you with fields that you don't need to fill out!

  • Added missing Cancel buttons to some confirmation modals.
  • Changed the measurement indicator to appear higher when moved using touch to avoid being covered by the dragging finger.
  • Lots of general performance improvements, especially relating to combat and the Measure tool!

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with monster and object tokens not updating their images in real-time when their respective assets change.
  • Fixed issue with grid getting temporarily misaligned when making changes to the grid.
  • Fixed an issue with tokens becoming unbound when right-clicking on them during a drag operation.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to delete their assigned tokens using the keyboard shortcut.

Tarrasque.io v0.32.0: Chain Measurements, Custom Markers, Shape Ruler & Player Spells

Well, this is one of the most packed updates in a while. Enjoy!

What's New:

  • Chain measurements. You can now cut through corners and chain measurements together by right-clicking on the map while using the Measure tool.

  • Measure tool for shapes. Shapes have never been easier to draw on a grid. All shapes now automatically measure the draw distance for you while being created.

  • Custom markers. There are a ton more markers available now, which should cover most use-cases. And if not, well, you can now create your own markers!

  • Player Spellbooks. Players now have their own spellbooks to create and import their favourite spells into! I never wanna hear the phrase "what does my spell do?" again.


  • Token bar and token menu have been merged. Token actions were split between two places and it felt clunky, so now all your token controls are available by right-clicking on a token. Also, it's a tad bit more organized now.

  • Merged Hide and Reveal tools. Speaking of being organized, the Hide and Reveal tools have now been merged into one Fog tool. As with the Draw and Shape tools, you can switch between different modes (Hide and Reveal) from the action bar, by clicking on the Fog tool icon, or by tapping the hotkey (3).

  • Battle Map Quick Icons. I've listened to your feedback about the Share & Present actions being too important to be hidden in a menu, and I'm here to make amends. The in-app battle maps panel now features quick icons under the battle map name to allow you to be as productive as possible!

  • Info buttons. As you can see from the panel screenshot above, nearly every panel and dialog now has an Info button attached to it. Clicking this will open up the appropriate Helpdesk article for that panel, to help you get the most out of the app.

Bug fixes:

  • Scaling handles. If you've ever uploaded a map that's under 1000x1000px, you've probably come across the issue where resize and rotate handles for tokens, shapes, and Fog of War, as well as the Measure tool popups, were far too big. Well, no more. Everything should scale properly now depending on map dimensions and zoom level. I'm genuinely more happy about this than I am about anything else in this changelog!
  • Fixed a bug with dice notations that had a +0 modifier not being recognized as valid dice notations.
  • Fixed marker placement on tokens when combat is inactive.
  • Fixed the size of the shown dice notation while rolling dice. It was smol.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't mouseover the "+3" markers notation with the Pan tool to show the marker tooltips.

Tarrasque.io v0.31.0: See Online Players & Custom Grid Distance

New update with a couple of small new features to help smoothen out your next session. Enjoy!

What's New:

  • You can now see online players in the Chat panel and the dashboard! The Chat shows players as online only if they are on the same map you are, so that's a good way to know if you're all looking at the same thing!

  • Custom grid distance and units. 10 ft maps? Prefer metres instead of feet? Not a problem. Works with the Measure tool. Also, a new grid settings design!

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with the grid not updating on map switch or when manually edited.

Tarrasque.io v0.30.1

Hi everyone! This update brings a couple of improvements to the new Measure tool, some performance improvements, and a new subreddit! Enjoy!

What's New:

  • Tarrasque.io Subreddit. Get your Tarrasque.io news directly from the place where you likely heard about Tarrasque.io! Post tips & tricks, send feedback, start DM conversations, share battle maps, or anything else you can think of! https://www.reddit.com/r/tarrasqueio
  • Distance will now be automatically measured while dragging a token!


  • The measure tool label now scales based on your zoom level so that you can still measure distances when fully zoomed out.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with CPU usage while in combat relating to the active combatant animation, things should be a bit smoother now!
  • Fixed an issue where token handles would stay behind for a couple of seconds before moving to the new location.
  • Changing the grid settings will no longer freeze your device. There's now a slight delay to the inputs to avoid rerendering the grid while typing.

Tarrasque.io v0.30.0: Measure Distance & Bring to Front/Send to Back

Today's update brings THE most highly requested feature: distance measuring! Also, as promised, bring to front/send to back. Enjoy!

What's New:

  • Measure distances. Well this was a long time coming. You can now measure distances using the brand new Measure tool on your top-left corner Toolbar. This doesn't take into account diagonals yet as there are a few different preferences to implement (5, 7, 5-10-5, etc.), but that will be coming soon!

  • Bring to front/Send to back. No more losing tokens behind other tokens. You and your players can now reorder creatures on the map so that they appear in front or behind other tokens.


  • The email address for your account can now be found in the User Settings dialog.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't add creatures to the combat if you had first added an Object Token.
  • Fixed an issue with the cache still listening to changes on a previously-visited battle map.

Tarrasque.io v0.29.0: Object Tokens & Hide Monster Names

This week's update brings two heavily-requested features, more control over token overlays, and a few bug fixes! Enjoy!

What's New:

  • Object tokens. You can now add tokens for furniture, props, and other assets that require a token to be visualized on the map, but don't have a stat block attached to them!

As with Adventurers and Monsters, you can drag and drop these onto your map or click the "Add to Map" icon to create an object token.

  • Campaign settings for creatures are now split by creature type, which means you can now show HP bars and nameplates for adventurers but not for monsters!

  • Hide Monster Names. As shown on the screenshot above, there's a new entry in the campaign settings, which, when unchecked, will allow you to hide monster names from players in the Combat Tracker!


  • Tooltips are now light in Light Mode!

  • Changed the Shape tool icon to be more consistent with the rest of the UI.

  • The Adventurers, Monsters, and Objects panels are now disabled for players if there's no token in those categories that they can control.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't post to Chat until a dice roll was triggered first.
  • Fixed a bug where the token toolbar would remain visible after deleting the selected token(s).
  • Fixed issues with emails ending up in spam.

Tarrasque.io v0.28.2

Hi everyone! This update brings more player permissions, more streamlined Campaign Settings and Share modals, chat notifications, and more. Enjoy!


  • Added permissions for forbidding players to use the Draw tool and the Shape tool. No more unwanted distractions while trying to describe a scene. Also, reorganized the Campaign Settings to flow better.

  • You can now differentiate between sharing a map publicly and sharing it just with players. It should also be a bit clearer now that players don't enter a password to join a map.

  • You can now click the icon next to the battle map name on the dashboard to open the Share modal. Also, it's a bit more informative when you mouse-over it.

  • Added a chat notification bubble to let you know when someone posted a message or rolled some dice!

  • The Dice Roller now closes when you hit Escape 🎉

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with search results not being ordered correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the Reveal tool keyboard shortcut not working in Chrome.

Tarrasque.io v0.28.1

Today's update has a few changes to make your experience a little bit smoother and ease the learning curve for new users. Also, Terry merch! Enjoy!

What's New:

  • New helpdesk! All articles have been updated to take into consideration new features. I've also merged a bunch of articles to make it easier to navigate the helpdesk and added tips & tricks on how to use each feature.

  • New merch! You can now get Terry the Tarrasque shirts, mugs, and stickers!

  • New status page! This will let you know if something is going on that's affecting Tarrasque.io.

  • Live Help. Found a bug or had an idea in the middle of the session? Or just wondering how to do something? Don't put it off for later - let me know right away. I may even give DM advice if you'd like 😁


  • You can now change campaign settings from the battle map - no need to go back to the dashboard. This is more in-line with how Combat Settings used to work, but is global for all maps of a campaign.

  • The previous update made it so that players needed to wait their turn before being able to move their assigned tokens. As some of you prefer more flexibility, this has now been turned into a Campaign Settings option. Freedom of Movement is now turned on by default. If you'd like to restrict movement based on turn order, simply disable this in your Campaign Settings.

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