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We are proud to showcase our newest Studio design. Less hustle, more power!

Studio 3DX | Collaborate now in real-time

How do you feel about catching design errors early in a project?

At Studio 3DX we believe it will help you reduce time and money waste throughout the project life-cycle.

Studio 3DX | Cloud BIM GIS makes it easy to resolve design issues faster with real-time collaboration from inside the 3D viewer.

Getting BIM done.

In this update we're adding some critical new additions to get sh*t done! Start creating issues directly on BIM elements in the 3D viewer. This enables you to target very specific problems with your models.

In addition to this we've improved the issue creation with a early version of our improved text editor. This gives you more tools to express the descriptions of more complex issues.

And lastly there are some minor UI improvements and plenty of squashed bugs!

Joining the Dark forces!

After popular suggestion we are repainting the Studio into Dark mode! In case you want to find your path back into the Light, you can switch from the Settings tab!

Geospatial Data and its integration in BIM

Lecture by Marios Messios at the Technical Chamber of Greece on the 19th of February 2020. Read more at

Information and data gathered from both Building Information Modeling, ‘BIM’ and Geographical Information Systems, ‘GIS’ increase the success for a complete project, from design to construction and further into facility and asset management. More specifically it’s the overlapping and weaving of useful information into interoperable data structures that matters. What is often the misconception is that these two technologies are isolated within their domain, and although, currently, at a certain depth this is true, there are great efforts from non-governmental organisations such as ISO with ISO/TC 59/SC 13, some private collaborations between companies and education providers to educate, implement and bridge the gap between these two frameworks. The collaboration between these axes of government, industry and academia clearly paves the way towards the digital transformation we need for our cities.

Create New Issues!

Discover the new world of project management with our newest tab; Issues.

Issues and Members

We’ve added four new tabs in your Project Page.

Members: Adding members into your projects is what makes the collaboration come to life. Find them easily through the Members Tabs if they already have a Parametricos Account.

Issues: Issues tab is where the collaboration magic happens. Here you can create issues that are linked to specific Models and Versions of a LOD. Create your issues from inside a project or within the BIM Visualiser.

Coming Soon:

Plans: This is where you can start to write down your BIM Execution plan and create any other documentation you might need for your project’s success.

Docs: Upload and store all your files, documents, images and categorise them in folders.

Better look, more dynamic management.

We made the Studio better, faster and more dynamic.

Big news today, we’ve designed a new User Experience for you to upload and visualise your BIM projects.

Last but not least we’ve added this news section to always keep you up to date with all the updates, improvements and fixes that are made in the Studio.

Even though we work on Parametricos all the time, sometimes it may seem that not much is happening. This changelog is here to improve that very important part of the communication between you and us.