May Update


  • Added and removed some emotes to lower overall toxicity.
  • Changes were made to leveling rewards to make the first level reward more obtainable.
  • Added more leveling rewards, more is planned for level rewards.
  • Some ranks were reorganized and/or removed for clarity.
  • Made the change log channel actually visible. Whoops!


  • Basic League of Legends commands have been added in a closed beta. More information coming soon.
  • Automatic pressing of the F key to pay respects on posts deemed worthy.
  • Some under the hood improvements have been added increasing reliability and stability of certain features.
  • Added a way to enter the bat cave.

New Changelog

Hi everyone,

We’re going to be using this website to keep track of changes that are made to the server. If you ever request something to be changed or if something is changed by us we will try to document it here. It is not fair to not announce changes to everyone and leave people in the dark. Depending on how well this works we might look for an alternative service.

On behalf of the Simple Craft staff,

Thank you for reading this.