New Account Console & API Server

We now have a brand new user console and API server online, available to all accounts across our products. This change builds on top of countless user feedback we received to make sure everything regarding to your subscription and API usage is as clear and approachable as possible.

You can now obtain more statistics about your API usage in real time, including failed requests and historical data. You can also check each and every API call, detailing the request / response parameters, any errors and metadata received. We believe this will make debugging / integration experience much pleasant.

We also migrated the API server to a new architecture. This is a completely backward compatible change and you should not observe any functional differences. It is important for us not to break our customers’ workflows during these updates as you rely on us for uninterrupted service.

We’re working hard to bring more usability improvements and new API features. Do not hesitate to drop us a message if you have questions / suggestions and stay tuned for more improvements in the upcoming weeks.