API Version 4

We have released the new major version of our HTML to PDF API, here are the highlights:

  • Page Headers and Footers
  • Custom Page Sizes
  • Ad / EU Cookie Warning Blocking

New Features

Page Headers and Footers
One of the most requested features. We now support automatically injecting header and footer templates to generated PDF documents. You can create these segments in full HTML and customize as you wish. It is also possible to insert dynamic data such as page number, document title etc into the headers and footers.

Custom Page Sizes
In addition to pdf_page parameter, now it’s possible to send pdf_width and pdf_height parameters to set up a custom page size.

Ad / Cookie Warning Blocking
We have two new options, block_ads and block_cookie_warnings in order to apply blocking rules to the page before conversion.


  • We used to generate PDFs on print CSS media. However, the API now defaults to screen media in order to generate documents as close as to how they look on a browser. You can switch to print using emulate_media: print setting


V4 is completely backwards compatible and can be used by just changing the API call url to https://restpack.io/api/html2pdf/v4/convert