A/B test your post-purchase emails 💌

Your post-purchase email is one of the key opportunities to get your customers to refer their friends to your store. Your customers are more likely to refer others after they have bought your products or even tried them. And the right post-purchase email can nudge them to take action.

You can now optimize your post-purchase email by A/B testing the email. You can experiment with different subject lines, email content, and button texts to see which gets more clicks, thereby improving the performance of your referral program.

Learn how to optimize your emails ↗︎

P.S. You will soon also be able to experiment with different post-purchase popups, landing pages, and more.

Klaviyo Integration: Post-Purchase Events 🔌

Using this event feature you can integrate ReferralCandy seamlessly with your existing customer flows, or build out a new flow to incorporate referrals.

You can now get a post-purchase event in Klaviyo every time a customer joins the referral program after purchase.

Activate post-purchase events from the dashboard & skyrocket your email marketing by adding referral links directly into your Klaviyo flows. Read more

Activate Post Purchase Events ↗︎