Connect participants with custom app

Timekeepers, event managers, etc. like to provide Racemap live tracking in their online registrations, directly. We received feedback to simplify connecting Racemap Apps for tracking. 

To automatically connect the user's smartphone with a specific race we now pushed a feasible process guiding participants independent from

  • User's phone is iOS or Android.
  • Racemap App (or custom app) is installed or not installed.
  • Participant opens the confirmation email on its smartphone or desktop.

This solution scales for many participants providing a seamless user experience and saves support time. The process integrates the logo of the custom app and the event name.

More about connecting Racemap Apps for live tracking in our documentation

All settings for progress & rank

Use the leaderboard and the visualization to compare activities from all participants in your event. Independent of if participants start 

  • anytime like a permanent timing event
  • anywhere like a virtual race
  • or if it is just a regular sports event.

Find the new progress and rank panel under add-ons in the basic settings of your event. The best settings & features with two to four clicks, only.

All information about Racemap leaderboard solution in our documentation

Viewport of your map

With viewport you set the initial view of your tracking map spectators will see when loading the visualization of your event. The viewport works independent from objects such as tracks, points of interest, or splits. You can adjust these properties
  • mapbox style e.g. terrain, satellite, hybrid and dark,

  • longitude and latitude of where the map is centered initially,

  • zoom, 

  • direction and pitch. 

Set and save the viewport in the map tab of your event builder.

Select from different mapbox styles.

More about features for visualization of sports events in our documentation.

Activating team challenge in your leaderboard

We were asked to add overall information to our leaderboard. So we developed the team challenge option, which motivates participants to cooperate. 

In the progress and rank section, you can now select the elements for each of your leaderboards, separately. With team challenge, you set the target distance (sum of all contributed distances) and the title of the challenge. 

The overall challenge is displayed in the leaderboard, directly.

For a detailed description of our leaderboard solution and real-time scoring check out our documentation.

API to import any participant data, automatically

We made it more flexible to import participants' data into your Racemap event. Just past any online participants file in the generic API, the rest is on us. The API checks the format of your file and provides feedback on which parameters are imported into your event. Can't be easier to connect Racemap with 3rd party systems like timekeeping or online registration.  

All about import tools in our documentation:

Groups & stages - access to single maps

Users who deploy live tracking for many events asked for a clearer event list. In order to shorten the event list, we moved the single maps into the corresponding parent groups and stages. Now you can access the settings of those child events through the group or stage.

Duration - new target in leaderboard settings

We've released a possibility to select and set duration (new) or distance as the target parameter in leaderboard settings. This option is available for leaderboards without a given race track. 

When choosing this option your corresponding leaderboard provides splits as distance value.

DSQ, DNF, DNS participant status

Now, the leaderboard automatically evaluates the status of each participant if its geolocations do not cover the required distance within event time.

Events without given race track (virtual race)

  • DNF (did not finish): If the participant does not reach the target of the event.
  • DNS (did not start): If the participant did not send any geolocation. 

Events with given track (regular events or permanent courses)

  • DSQ (disqualified): If the first geolocation of the participant is more than 500m behind the start location on the shadowtrack.
  • DNF: If the last geolocation of the participant does not reach the finish location on the shadowtrack.
  • DNS: If no geolocation is mapped on the shadowtrack.
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