DSQ, DNF, DNS participant status

Now, the leaderboard automatically evaluates the status of each participant if its geolocations do not cover the required distance within event time.

Events without given race track (virtual race)

  • DNF (did not finish): If the participant does not reach the target of the event.
  • DNS (did not start): If the participant did not send any geolocation. 

Events with given track (regular events or permanent courses)

  • DSQ (disqualified): If the first geolocation of the participant is more than 500m behind the start location on the shadowtrack.
  • DNF: If the last geolocation of the participant does not reach the finish location on the shadowtrack.
  • DNS: If no geolocation is mapped on the shadowtrack.

Cost calculator

Estimate your monthly costs for live tracking with our new cost calculator. You can now calculate the costs when building your events in Racemap tracking platform, directly.

Interactive features in your tracking map

Spectators, athletes, and race organizers love statistics and data from their sports events. The information needs to be intuitive, interactive, and mobile-friendly, for an exciting visualization of the race. Therefore we pushed new features for your tracking maps:

  • Elevation chart with crosshair showing total meters climb & descent
  • Flow chart to compare the progress of participants
  • Statistics & gap with speed, distance from start, ascent & descent, distance to go and time to finish (prediction). Gap compares the distance and the time difference of selected participants.

These new features are working in real-time for your running events and also in the replays of your past races. To enable the processing of location data you need to provide a shadowtrack in the map tab of your event builder.

Adjust result manually

Customers using our leaderboard add-on for virtual races wish to manually edit the finish time. As we calculate the results automatically from geolocation data values might deviate to a measurement with a stop watch. You can now adjust this value in the column Manual Result in the participants list.

GPX download of recorded activities

Geolocations are essential for your sports events eg. to analyze various activities? You will love our new gpx download feature. You find the option in the participant tab of each event hovering over the list and download recorded activities for specific participants with the cloud icon.

In the next couple of weeks, we will provide more parameters in the participants tab that way you perfectly adjust your event. So stay tuned!

Trim slider on replay

We've been receiving nice feedback from users providing virtual races. Spectators like our new net replay feature to compare all activities at the same time. And they asked for trimming the slider corresponding to the duration of the activities. That feature condenses the recap of long-lasting races as it does not show the duration of the total event.

You now trim the slider of your tracking map in the net replay panel under map settings for each event. 

Show tails in tracking map

For some sports events, spectators wish to see the exact tracks of participants' activities. For example to analyze and compare the different lines during orienteering. You can now activate and set our new tail feature in your event settings. The tails are shown in the tracking map for selected participants.

Individual start- and end time

We heard about use cases that need a strict time frame to consider geolocations of individual participants. Now you can edit two new parameters First Time and Last Time for each entry separately in the participant list. 

  • The default values of first- & last time are the settings of your event. 
  • If a participant redeems a key in Racemap App then its corresponding first time parameter is updated automatically, when live tracking is started in the app next time.

First time is the 1st possible geolocation considered for visualization of the tracking map and for calculating the leaderboard. That way you can 

  • prevent showing participants on their way home after they have finished your race and forgot to stop live tracking. 
  • connect the same tracking app to multiple running events.
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