Delete command queue in tracker management

You can now delete commands which have not been sent from the queue. Such as if an old "Shut down" command is on hold, you can prevent sending this command to the tracker before switching on.

Tracker Management >> specific GPS unit >> Send Command

Merge athletes with GPS units from tracker management

We improved to match the entries in your participant list with selected devices from your tracker management.

Import or sync the participant list of your event from your online registration for example with the generic API (

In your tracker management

  1. Select GPS trackers to use for live tracking
  2. Add these devices to an event
  3. Select from your event list

The GPS units are added automatically to the participants in your event. The participant list shows the device name from tracker management, also.

Corresponding to this process there is no need for CSV files to update the participant list, anymore.

Add external topographic maps

We were asked for the option of other maps than from mapbox. You can now paste the URL of the external map source for your tracking map. Open the dialogue in the map editor under external layers. 

Add contact email and website for info panel

Some users like to show their contact information, that way participants reach out to the support team easily. In "event logo and description" you can now provide the website and the contact email for each event, separately. These parameters are shown in the info of the corresponding tracking map. 

Set splits as POI

Users customize their race visualization and virtual timing in the map editor. We developed several enhancements to work more efficiently. 

Now you can add the point of interest (POI) property to a split, directly. Define name and color respectively the icon to be visualized at the location of the split.

You can center the map editor around the location of your device.

Connect participants with custom app

Timekeepers, event managers, etc. like to provide Racemap live tracking in their online registrations, directly. We received feedback to simplify connecting Racemap Apps for tracking. 

To automatically connect the user's smartphone with a specific race we now pushed a feasible process guiding participants independent from

  • User's phone is iOS or Android.
  • Racemap App (or custom app) is installed or not installed.
  • Participant opens the confirmation email on its smartphone or desktop.

This solution scales for many participants providing a seamless user experience and saves support time. The process integrates the logo of the custom app and the event name.

More about connecting Racemap Apps for live tracking in our documentation

All settings for progress & rank

Use the leaderboard and the visualization to compare activities from all participants in your event. Independent of if participants start 

  • anytime like a permanent timing event
  • anywhere like a virtual race
  • or if it is just a regular sports event.

Find the new progress and rank panel under add-ons in the basic settings of your event. The best settings & features with two to four clicks, only.

All information about Racemap leaderboard solution in our documentation

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