Improvements billing page

We made our billing page more transparent for you. We now added the option to select a past month and to show the items of past billing cycles. Got to the billing section of your account and select the month.

We added another small enhancement to the billing page. Now only those events are shown in which chargeable items have been consumed.

Release of the reworked monitor

We received user feedback for our monitor dashboard. We developed new features (alerts & status), improved usability (filters & alert stream), and resolved issues. You and your team can now work with the brand new version of the monitor in the race office.

Magnetic track feature for visualization

We added the new magnetic track feature. Now, there are three options pinning flags to the track. Each option affects how dots are moving in the interactive map in relation to the shadowtrack.

The race recap shows the grey flag (001) moving on the track. The white flag (006) lost the racecourse and comes back to the track 200 m behind 001. Watch this scene with differently pinned flags to the track.


  • Magnetic (NEW): Within a 50 m distance from the track the flags are pinned to the track. Geodata with 50+ m distance is shown as raw coordinates. The grey flag moves smoothly through the curve (pinned to the track) and the white flag is shown beside the track (raw data).
  • None: The visualization shows the coordinates as raw data. Disadvantage: Due to +/- 25 m accuracy of GPS devices, the locations don't precisely match the track and the grey flag cuts the curve.
  • Always: The visualization always shows all coordinates on the track. For that reason, the grey flag moves smoothly through the curve. But the white flag is pinned to the track, also. It is not possible to see that the white flag lost track.

In map settings, you can select your preferred option as default for your tracking map.

New gap duration for reference device

Customers using our */current API to feed TV graphics with real-time location data asked for gap values in relation to a specific reference device. Advantage: The reference device can be selected and flexibly changed during a running event. 

So we developed the new gapAverage parameter. gapAverage provides the duration in seconds to reach the current location of the reference device. The prediction is calculated with the average speed of the reference device on the leg between its current location to another device.

  • The gapAverage value can be calculated only for devices behind the reference device.
  • gapAverage fluctuates less than gap calculated with small values of currentSpeedDuration query.

Read all about the */current data feed and find many samples to test your APIs in our documentation:

*/distance data feed

You can now work with our new API and feed your own application with live data from sports events. The */distance data feed provides real-time geolocations and the two new parameters distance & bearing between one defined reference device and all the other devices in the event.
For maximum stability and minimum delay data in this API is calculated independent of a shadowtrack, there is no pendency on mapping.  

Settings to call */current data feed

We've added the ability to trim the */current data feed with each call, directly. Therefore we added three parameters

  • liveDelay: The duration in seconds from when a location is recorded until this location is provided in the API.
  • currentSpeedDuration: The previous duration in seconds to average the speed value.
  • interpolation: true or false

Using these parameters you can call */current API with different settings for the same event. Like one call with no interpolation and a minimum live Delay to access the latest data. And another call of the same data feed with interpolation and smoothly changing values.

Find all information about the options to call the */current data feed in our documentation:

Adjust header content of the leaderboard

We added the option to show the split icon in the header of the leaderboard. Select from name, distance, and icon (or nothing at all) to be displayed in the head of each column. Find all options in the setting of the progress and rank add-on.

Loading visualization at specific timestamp

We were asked for the option to add a specific time when loading a tracking map. The visualization will start the replay at this timestamp. Sample URL:

All information on how to target the parameters 

  • selected participants and points of interest, 
  • set filters
  • time of the event 

when loading the race visualization:

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