New dynamic key process

We developed a new user flow to automatically guide participants when connecting their phones for live tracking. The new process is optimized for scanning a QR code and provides a seperate landing page for each key. 

The convenient user experience scales with a huge number of participants and saves support time at the help desk. The process dynamically guides participants independent from 

  • The user's phone is iOS or Android. 
  • Racemap App is installed or not installed. 
  • The participant opens the key link on the smartphone or on the desktop.

Read all about Racemap passcode & keys and easily connect phones for live tracking in our documentation:

Integration for 3rd party results

We've added the ability to show 3rd party result lists like from your timekeeping system in the tracking map. This new feature is a great tool for those who provide live tracking in a custom tracking app such as timekeepers and other event professionals.

Activate the external leaderboard in the progress and rank settings of your Racemap event and 

  • Option 1: Show the leaderboard of the corresponding RACE|RESULT event. The event ID is taken from the import of the participants. 
  • Option 2: Past the URL of your result list. 

We embed the list in the corresponding tracking map. 


Connect participants with custom app

Timekeepers, event managers, etc. like to provide Racemap live tracking in their online registrations, directly. We received feedback to simplify connecting Racemap Apps for tracking. 

To automatically connect the user's smartphone with a specific race we now pushed a feasible process guiding participants independent from

  • User's phone is iOS or Android.
  • Racemap App (or custom app) is installed or not installed.
  • Participant opens the confirmation email on its smartphone or desktop.

This solution scales for many participants providing a seamless user experience and saves support time. The process integrates the logo of the custom app and the event name.

More about connecting Racemap Apps for live tracking in our documentation

New Racemap App

The latest version (3.20.8) of Racemap App available in the App Store & Google Play, now. Improvements for multi-event tracking such as faster loading the event list and rework of progress information.

More information about Racemap App: