Adjust header content of the leaderboard

We added the option to show the split icon in the header of the leaderboard. Select from name, distance, and icon (or nothing at all) to be displayed in the head of each column. Find all options in the setting of the progress and rank add-on.

Elevation chart or 1D progress line

There are events without elevation gain such as motorboat races, open water swimming, or even city marathons. You can now use the elevation diagram as a line showing the progress without ups and downs. The 1D-feature makes competitions with laps more understandable for spectators.

Swimming contest with 1D line and with "normal" elevation chart below. 

Sample event:

You set up the elevation chart in the tracking map section of your basic tab. Select 1D progress line.

Loading visualization at specific timestamp

We were asked for the option to add a specific time when loading a tracking map. The visualization will start the replay at this timestamp. Sample URL:

All information on how to target the parameters 

  • selected participants and points of interest, 
  • set filters
  • time of the event 

when loading the race visualization:

New features in tracker management

The tracker management now provides more information to efficiently prepare, configure and adjust a big number of GPS devices within seconds.

We added the columns 

  • Last Location: duration since Racemap received last coordinate from device.
  • Settings: basic settings of pro GPS tracker, if you requested the configuration from device: check- and report interval, time to switch to non-movement, check- and report interval of non-movement. 
  • Commands Sent: addressed commands to device: commands successfully sent / open commands in queue / no commands in queue

Access your dashboard to manage GPS devices:

Read more about the features and functions of the tracker management in our documentation:

API to query participants data

We added the option to open the */participants API in the participants section of each event. 

Using this API you can call specific parameters and integrate live tracking into your services seamlessly. That way you can identify those participants who have not yet redeemed their tracking keys and send them an email reminder with your mailing solution and provide a convenient race experience.

Read all information about */participants API in our documentation:

New features customizing race visualizations

We were optimizing and improving the existing functionality of Racemap tracking platform. But we also did not forget to prepare new features. Meet the new options to adjust the info tabs and to hide the distance marker, which is useful for racecourses with multiple laps. 

The features for customizing the visualization are restructured and put together in the basic tab of your event settings which makes Racemap tracking platform even more convenient and efficient.

Setup guide for predictive tracking

Thanks to user feedback we have developed an intuitive guide that pilots you to correct settings for predictive live tracking. If the imported information in participants section can be used for predictive tracking you will be asked for further settings.

In case you are working with the RACE|RESULT timing software the modal even checks the forwarding of detections. The new interactive setup guide helps you to adjust your timekeeping system for live visualizations some days before the event. And during the event, you keep free hands for important things to do.

Documentation about live visualization based on detections from timekeeping and predictions: 

New parameters in */current API

Due to the usage of our data feeds for various 3rd party applications such as TV graphics or live dashboards we were asked to add parameters in the */current API. Two new parameters:

  • eta - Estimated time of arrival is the duration to reach the finish. The prediction is based on the measured speed.
  • gap - Is the duration to reach the current location of the leader. The prediction is based on the measured speed. 

Our documentation provides all information and samples about our data feed:

Filter tags feature added

For many use cases, there is a strong need to show additional information of participants such as age group, nationality, gender, and much more. Now you can flexibly add participant tags and filter athletes in the tracking map. The filter feature makes live tracking even more exciting and comprehensible for the spectators.


Adjust the filter tags for your event easily in the map settings of the basic tab.

Options for flexibly adding filter tags to your participants' data:

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