Magnetic track feature for visualization

We added the new magnetic track feature. Now, there are three options pinning flags to the track. Each option affects how dots are moving in the interactive map in relation to the shadowtrack.

The race recap shows the grey flag (001) moving on the track. The white flag (006) lost the racecourse and comes back to the track 200 m behind 001. Watch this scene with differently pinned flags to the track.


  • Magnetic (NEW): Within a 50 m distance from the track the flags are pinned to the track. Geodata with 50+ m distance is shown as raw coordinates. The grey flag moves smoothly through the curve (pinned to the track) and the white flag is shown beside the track (raw data).
  • None: The visualization shows the coordinates as raw data. Disadvantage: Due to +/- 25 m accuracy of GPS devices, the locations don't precisely match the track and the grey flag cuts the curve.
  • Always: The visualization always shows all coordinates on the track. For that reason, the grey flag moves smoothly through the curve. But the white flag is pinned to the track, also. It is not possible to see that the white flag lost track.

In map settings, you can select your preferred option as default for your tracking map.