School Is Back In Session In Romania

September 16, 2020 

Around 2.8 million Romanian schoolchildren are back to school as of this week! Whether that’s in-person, online, or a combination of both is determined on what the pandemic is like in a certain region. According to the article linked below, “towns with a single case per 1,000 people reported in the last 14 days will see all children back in classrooms. Those with up to three cases will see only kindergartners and a few grades back, with other classes held online. Towns with more than three cases will hold classes exclusively online.” 

The president, Klaus Iohannis made a Monday announcement letting kids know they have the “opportunity to be superheroes by wearing masks, washing their hands, and listening to their teachers”.  This week, news reports showed all ages back in school, wearing masks while meeting new teachers, sitting for lessons, or lining up in the hallways (6 feet apart). It’s a big step we’re hoping is successful for this country we love so much. 

Right now, we are also watching the orphanage where our volunteers spend their time. Currently, they’re not open to any outsiders and are only having 1-on-1 therapy and treatments. We’re hopeful to see that small group session will be opening soon. 

You can keep updated on what’s happening in Romania here and more about schools reopening here