📣 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT 👉 Free Package is Discontinuing

Free Package Retiring

The free package in Mobiroller application packages is no longer available.

Applications that do not switch to premium packages after the 14-day free trial period will be closed for use and the application panel content will not be accessible.

The system will also be closed for new APK and ABB production for free packages.

You can upgrade to higher packages so that your current application is not affected by this situation.

🚨 Deadline: February 29, 2024

You can email us at support@mobiroller.com to get in touch with us on any topic.

We're always happy to assist you.

Mobiroller Team✌️

📞 +90 850 303 49 09

📩 support@mobiroller.com


📢 New Feature Announcement 👉 Health Tourism Mobile App 🤩

Mobile App Opportunity for Healthcare Institutions

Healthcare institutions and clinics can create a new sales channel by developing mobile applications for their own brands, seizing the opportunity for digital growth.

Users can perform online transactions and view their past transactions from their profile screen. This way, you can acquire highly satisfied patients and establish a more trustworthy brand. Enhance your brand's prestige with your Android and iOS mobile applications!


More Details 👉

Book a Demo Call  👉

Patients Easily Get Appointments

With your Health Tourism mobile app, users can easily create appointments within the time slots you specify. The time difference that may prevent phone calls is no longer a hindrance to appointments!

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Get Online Payments

Collect online payments from your patients using your Health Tourism mobile app. Your users can make installment payments from anywhere they prefer. It is also possible to receive payments in foreign currencies such as Dollars and Euros.

More Details 👉

Advanced Profile & Account Management

Patients can log in by registering in the application. This way, the records of all potential patients will be maintained. For Health tourism, you can send real-time notifications to these individuals and conduct marketing campaigns whenever you want.

Additionally, you can use the user profile as a CRM tool and keep regular patients active with profile information. You can enable them to track real-time updates.

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You can email us at support@mobiroller.com to get in touch with us on any topic.

We're always happy to assist you.

Mobiroller Team✌️

📞 +90 850 303 49 09

📩 support@mobiroller.com

📣📣📣 PRODUCT UPDATE: In-App Search For Sub-Menu Module

📢 PRODUCT UPDATE - Mobiroller Feature Update

Mobiroller allows you to add unlimited content

There is no storage limit so you can add unlimited content, we are very generous about that. But it is difficult to find the content when you add too many sub-menu items or products in the catalog module. For this reason, we developed the in-app search feature for our users who have more than 5 submenu items. Generate a new APK and it will be automatically updated in your app.

👉 How To Use Mobiroller 👈

📣📣📣 Product Update 🤩🤩🤩 Appointment Scheduler App

📢 PRODUCT UPDATE - Mobiroller Feature Update

1️⃣ New Integration With Calendly

Save time with your own personalized booking links 

Time is a precious commodity. Calendly is the courteous way to book meetings and other appointments because scheduling with just a few clicks makes the most of everyone’s time.

Book up efficiently 

When invitees select a meeting slot from your schedule, they only see the times you’re available, and only the length and type of meeting you want to have. Your schedule fills up efficiently, and everyone avoids excess email exchanges.

Ease of being mobile 

You can easily integrate Calendly with Mobiroller and users can schedule via the app. This is going to save everyone's time and it is going to be very easy. Follow the instructions from the below link, and when you integrate the new module, generate a new APK.

👉 How To Use This Module 👈


On September we have made a really good campaign, you can see the details below. We have donated +30 saplings. It is a very satisfying feeling, and we are going to repeat this campaign every September. We will also come up with new campaign ideas in order to support the sustainable development goals. 💚 

📢 CAMPAIGN ANNOUNCEMENT - We plant trees for you

1️⃣ Upgrade to any premium package until the 18th of September

2️⃣ Get your plant donation certificate to your email

🌲We want to support the sustainable lifestyle

🌲We will donate trees to recover the burnt forests

Contact Us for your questions about the subscription 👉 sefa.sarikaya@mobiroller.com

📢 PRODUCT UPDATE : Member profile screen design has been modernized 👉 Details...

📢 PRODUCT UPDATE - Mobiroller Feature Update

1️⃣ Member profile screen design has been modernized 

2️⃣ Added account deletion feature 

🐝 Isn't the new design of member profile screens amazing? It will change as default for 3 different login screens you selected.

❗In addition, due to updating Apple policies, your users can delete their profiles from the application if they wish. This feature has now been released.

📢 PRODUCT UPDATE : SendBird Chat Module is ready! 🥳


With the Sendbird Messaging module, you can add advanced chat features to your mobile applications. A great feature that you can increase interaction and communication for your application has been added to the system. 🤩

You can create chat groups with your users or chat 1-1. You can share videos, photos and emojis. 🥳

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