Introducing the Leadfwd UX

Our team has been hard at work overhauling our existing UI framework and replaced it with an entirely new look and feel. Our new interface is built on shades of gray, that are much cleaner than the previous generation, and includes vibrant color palettes for priority data separation. 

In addition to the design pivot, we also implemented a number of UIX enhancements to create a more intuitive user experience. Our new UIX enables teams to work faster with fewer clicks and easier access to critical insights.

Here are just a few of the enhancements that you'll find inside this update:

  • New intuitive and robust Marketing and Sales Dashboard
  • Introducing App Drawers. App Drawers provide access to critical insights and functions, without leaving your current view. 
  • Updated Manager framework with horizontal scrolling tables and one-click access to actions.
  • All new Platform Settings Management
  • All new Billing and Plan Manager
  • Platform logging console for critical errors and important system notices
  • Customer Journey Builder
  • Lead Score Builder