Links to Video Slides Updated

Several of our interactive video modules had broken or outdated links to download the speaker's slides. These have all been fixed, both within the video and on the "Materials" tab of the module.

OER Listing Improved

An important part of Foxylearning's mission is to make high-quality open educational resources (OER) available to the public. We've been making tutorials, videos, and flashcards focused on behavioral science available for years now, and today we've made finding them even easier! Check out our new Resources page to see how easy it is to browse through and search our growing library of OER content.

Dashboards Updated

The myLearning and myTeaching dashboards were updated with several content and performance improvements, including:

  • Direct links to dashboard subsections were added to their menus for quicker access
  • The "Groups" subsection of the myLearning dashboard now allows users to click on a group to see its assigned modules (and their progress on them)
  • Seat/license management interface elements were removed from the myTeaching dashboard for groups that do not need them
  • The "Notes" subsection of the myLearning dashboard now allows for easier searching of content (not requiring the user to click on the "Notes" tab again after entering a search term)

Introducing Table View

Now you can quickly browse our growing library of CEU modules using a convenient table view! It will allow you to quickly search or filter by category or topic, sort by number of CEUs, and more. It should make finding your perfect CEU module easier than ever!

New Referral Program

Refer a friend and they'll get 20% off their first order (excluding coursepacks). Plus, we'll give you 100 Foxypoints (worth $10 off your next order)! Get started now by sharing your referral link or custom coupon with your friends and colleagues. You can find your referral link on the "Refer a Friend" tab of any product or the "Referrals" section of the myAccount dashboard. 

Earn Foxypoints and Save!

We just launched Foxypoints, our customer rewards/loyalty program! Earn 1 Foxypoint for every $1 you spend or 100 Foxypoints for every new customer you refer to our site. Then redeem your Foxypoints toward future purchases (10 pts = $1)!

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