Widgets and Services access control

You can now manage the user access to Widgets and Services with a new setting in the Dashboard. The access can be restricted to users who have access to certain chatrooms. Please find the Services setting in the Dashboard → Services/Widgets → Service/Widgets Name → Permissions section.

Trial Plans with no-credit card

We have made available the Trial Billing Plans that require no-credit card. This is an attractive way to register members to your premium chatrooms.

To enable the no-credit card feature on a Trial Plan simply check the option in the Dashboard:

Billing Plans: One-off & Setup fee

More flexibility is now offered in the billing component. You can create One-off billing plans or add initial/setup fee on recurring plans. You can find all the settings in the Dashboard → Billing Plans section.

Checkout URL - Billing landing pages

The Checkout URL is a branded landing page presenting a billing form where the user can purchase access to your chatrooms. The Checkout URL can be embedded in websites, posted on Twitter or it can be sent out to users by email.

You can define whether a billing plan should be available for In-App purchase or through the Checkout URL from the Dashboard.

There are two types of Checkout URLs

  • Chatroom Checkout URL - The billing form provides all the billing plans that are enabled for the specific chatroom. 
  • Billing Plan Checkout URL- The billing form provides only one purchase option, the underlying billing plan.

In both cases, the user is granted access to all the chatrooms that the billing plan is assigned.

Please check out the detailed guide here:


Custom Disclaimer

You can now add a custom disclaimer appearing to all users who join your team. Please find the setting in the Dashboard → Branding → Compliance

Custom Domain

Set your custom domain name for your team URL. Find all the details in the Dashboard Branding Custom Domain 

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