Search for properties in Chicago using the citywide Property Finder map

Chicago Cityscape's venerable Property Finder tool now works for citywide searches. Elevate a search to include properties beyond the smaller areas that previously limited our members – to the entire 234 square miles of Chicago. 

There are over 900,000 properties across Chicago. The same Property Finder filters you're used to at the community area, ward, ZIP code, or Personal Place level, work citywide. 

graphic of part of Chicago showing some properties and a repeat of the example that's in this post

Create simple or complex groups of filters to locate the exact kinds of properties you want to prospect. For example, we found 2,275 parking lots that are (a) larger than 7,000 s.f., (b) in a TOD area and zoning district that allows zero car parking spaces for residential use, and (c) has a supermarket within one mile.

Oh - that "supermarket within one mile" is another new feature 😎

This feature is in beta and please be patient. It takes computers a lot of work to apply your filters to over 900,000 properties. Send us your feedback!

Finding property citywide starts with these two steps

  1. Open the Chicago (municipality) Place Snapshot, or select the "Research" menu button and select the "Property Finder - Chicago citywide" option.
  2. Select the "Property Finder" button below the map. After a moment, a datatable and filters will appear. The first 10 properties, ordered by PIN, will show in the datatable, and in the map.

screenshot of the menu to get to Property Finder

New incentive added: Solar & wind energy tax credit boost

With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, new and existing national tax credits will encourage the adoption of more energy efficient building systems and constructing renewable energy facilities. The standard investment tax credit for a new qualifying solar or wind energy is six percent while the bonus tax credit for investing in low-income communities is worth 10 additional percentage points.

There is even an option, in the same areas, to gain an additional 10 points if constructing the facility on a qualifying rental residential building or if it will benefit low-income households. 

Chicago Cityscape has added this geographically-based "IRA solar & wind bonus credit" to Incentives Checker. Search for it within Incentives Checker using the keywords IRA, solar, wind, or energy.

screenshot of Incentives Checker with the "IRA" keyword being used to locate this particular incentive at an eligible address

Look up an address in Illinois to see if it might qualify for the energy credit boost.

Analyze the zoning of multiple parcels simultaneously

Chicago Cityscape is launching the beta version of "Super Parcel" so our users can assess the zoning capacity and housing allowance would be for an assemblage of adjacent parcels, without having to look up multiple addresses. 

The first Super Parcel is a collection of nine parcels that make up the City of Chicago's Lake/Kedzie RFQ, next to the Kedzie Green Line station. 

screenshot of a sample Super Parcel

Super Parcels speed up your analysis of multi-parcel properties

With this Super Parcel, interested applicants can use our Address Snapshot as if all nine parcels were a single zoning lot – even if they're across the street from each other. The automated zoning assessment will calculate how many dwelling units are allowed, using the dominant zoning district's standards. 

screenshot of dwelling unit calculator

For example, the Lake/Kedzie RFQ Super Parcel shows that, given the current C1-3 zoning, 139 dwelling units are allowed. If there is more than one zoning district that overlaps, the less dominant ones will be listed but will not be used as part of the calculation. 

Another benefit is finding out who the alderpersons are – this is especially useful for the Lake/Kedzie RFQ Super Parcel because some of the lots are in the 27th Ward and some are in the 28th Ward (see image below)

screenshot of a map of Surrounding Places, showing the two wards that bisect the Super Parcel.

How to use a Super Parcel

Super Parcel is still in beta and requires a little manual work to set it up. The first thing you'll need is a list of PINs (Super Parcel works with up to 10 PINs). 

You can contact us, share the list of PINs, and we'll create a Super Parcel for you. 

Or, here's how to do it yourself:

1. In a text document (like the Notes app), copy and paste this URL: ""

2. After the "=" (equals sign), list your PINs (with or without dashes) separated by an underscore. Here's what the URL for the Lake/Kedzie RFQ Super Parcel looks like: "" (access the Super Parcel now)

Cityscape's new "ARO Matrix" decodes the rules for ARO 2021

The ARO Matrix is designed to help decode the rules for Affordable Requirements Ordinance (ARO) in Chicago. We know that the rules can be confusing, especially because there is a different ruleset for each of the five ARO areas, and we want to help make the process of calculating how much affordable housing is required as straightforward as possible.

Access the ARO Matrix directly (this is for Cityscape Real Estate Pro members only), or after looking up an address in Chicago and opening its Zoning Assessment. The 45-second video below walks through how to get there. 

Look up Chicago's new ward map in Cityscape

Chicago City Council adopted a new ward map on May 16, 2022. The new map will be effective for the 2023 city council election. Find out which ward you'll be shifted to using Address Snapshot's Surrounding Places feature. 

Look up your address now in Chicago Cityscape to see your current and future wards. 

The 30-second video below demonstrates looking up an address and using the table of contents to jump down to Surrounding Places.

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