Sharing Data from Business Intelligence

Chargify Business Intelligence allows you to share data and interactive dashboards with non-Chargify users so that key stakeholders get the insights they need. 

Sharing Dashboards 
There are two ways that you can share a dashboard outside the Chargify application:

  • Public URL:  Making a dashboard public and sharing it will mean that anyone accessing it will be able to view the data and filter it via any added Filters or Date Pickers. The data is read only. 
  • Embed HTML:  The second way to share public dashboards is by using the code snippet. For added security we recommend embedding this on web pages that have to be accessed with login credentials.

Exporting Data  
There are two ways that you can export data from Chargify:

  • Extraction: The Extraction analysis type exports the raw data from the selected data source as a CSV. You can select the specific properties to export and apply filters to reduce the number of rows.
  • Download Metric Result: The result of a Metric can be downloaded as a CSV, an Image, or JSON. This is the computed result and not the raw data. For raw data, you can run an Extraction.

Embedding HTML

Sharing a Public Link

Exporting Image, CSV, or JSON

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