Chargify Business Intelligence: Explorer & Out-of-the-Box Metrics

Last week, we released Chargify Business Intelligence (BI), providing our customers with the most powerful reporting and analytics tool seen in the recurring billing space. To show you our excitement with our latest release, we will be bringing you frequent updates on the robust functionality BI offers you and your team. This week, we are talking about the Explorer, a tool that allows you to create, save, and manage custom metrics.

The Explorer enables you to perform flexible analysis on your Chargify data by creating metrics. Metrics run queries on your data based on selectable parameters and return a visualization of the query result. These metrics can be saved, easily added to a dashboard, and then securely shared with key stakeholders.

To help you get started, Chargify Business Intelligence offers 24 out-of-the-box metrics. Out-of-the-box metrics provide a baseline and can be cloned and customized for additional granularity. You can also create custom metrics from scratch. 

Interested in getting access to Chargify Business Intelligence? Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or

For more information on Chargify Business Intelligence Explorer, see our documentation here>