Chargify Business Intelligence: Creating a Metric from Scratch

Chargify Business Intelligence (BI) enables you to perform custom analysis on your Chargify data and align it to your reporting framework by creating metrics. Metrics query your data based on selectable parameters and return a visualization. Chargify BI offers 10 chart types with variants (e.g. stacked, grouped, percentage) allowing you to present your data in an easy-to-understand format.

You can quickly build metrics using our Explorer tool. Simply select the analysis to perform, the data to analyze, and the timeframe for the analysis. Then, add filters and groupings to uncover the granular, segmented insights you need to drive data-backed growth.

Metrics can be saved and easily run for a real-time view of your business. Add your saved metrics to a dashboard and then securely share information with key internal or external stakeholders.

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