Online store integration

Integrate with your online store

Keep your repeat customers happy, whether they're buying online or in the store!

You can now give stamps for online orders automatically by integrating CandyBar with your online store.

Integrate with your online store

Smarter Messaging with Segmentation

Get the right message to the right audience.

Now you can target specific segments of your customers based on their visit data when sending Announcements.

Give exclusive updates to your top regulars, or re-engage customers who are slipping away. 

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See how your Announcements are performing

You can now measure and track the performance of your Announcements from the dashboard. Use this to iterate on your messages and optimize their effectiveness!

Create an Announcement

Send SMS texts to your customers

🛵 Launching an online store?
🎃 Taking pre-orders for festive specials?
💃 Holding an event?

Don't let customers miss it because your Facebook post got buried.

Reach customers directly via SMS text messages with our new Announcement feature.

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Give stamps for online orders

Want more repeat online orders?

Now you can reward customers for ordering online. Simply upload your order data and CandyBar will issue stamps automatically.

Turn your online customers into regulars!

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Segment customers based on their visits

Want to target top regulars or customers who are slipping away? Now you can with CandyBar. Send a special offer to just these customer segments in a promo message campaign.

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Animated Store Check-in ✨

Keep your loyalty program front and center

Don't let potential regulars slip away without knowing about your loyalty program. Our new store check-in design helps you draw their interest and increase sign ups!

We'll be rolling this out over the next few weeks.

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Send a custom message with your time-based promo

Improve conversions with a tailor-made message that resonates 🎯

Or take the opportunity to tell your customers something awesome about your store!

Create a time-based promo

How effective is your promo?

You can now track & analyze the effectiveness of your promo campaigns from the CandyBar dashboard. 

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