Send a promotional message to your customers

Want to let customers know about store promo or a new outlet opening? Now you can with our promotional rewards feature. Just set a promotional reward & type out your message from the dashboard to start sending. 

We're rolling out this feature progressively to CandyBar accounts and you'll soon see this feature under the Rewards section in the Dashboard.

Send a Promotional Message Now

Capture notes for tracking & reconciliation

Need to append notes like invoice numbers or cashier names? Turn on this feature to display a field so cashiers can key in notes about each transaction.

Enable Feature

Calculate Stamps from Order Amount

Speed up your queue by automatically calculating the number of stamps - simply enter the order amount and go.

Enable Calculate Stamps

Create Crew Portal accounts

Need more accounts for cashiers to log into the Crew Portal? Now it's easy! Create accounts with Crew Portal access from the CandyBar dashboard.

Here's how it's done:

Create Accounts