When to update your browser

Cashiers will now see an alert when they need to update the browser on their Crew Portal. This keeps their device up-to-date and ready to run all of CandyBar's superpowers!

Upload your customer data

Want to import customer data from another loyalty program?
CandyBar lets you upload your existing customer database to your account.

Here's how easy it is to do

Upload your customer data

Download customer activity

See details about individual rewards given out and each customer visit in the 'rewards' and 'visits' sheets in your customer activity Excel file.

Download your customer activity

Update customer details with just a few clicks

It's now easy to update customer details like name and email address right from your admin dashboard. You can even delete customers who don't want to be part of your program.

View my customer data

See it in action below

Learn more here

Compare Outlet Performance

What's your best performing outlet?

If you've got multiple outlets set up in CandyBar, you can now compare how different outlets are performing. Use this data to motivate staff and tweak your operations. Here's how it looks:

Find your Best Performing Outlet here

Prepaid Bundles

Offer Prepaid Bundles at your store

Selling prepaid bundles gets you cash flow upfront as well as customer lock-in. Customers also get as small discount on the items they are buying. It's a WIN-WIN!

Try it yourself!

Customers Slipping Away Widget

Customers slipping away

Find out which of your loyalty program customers are at high risk of leaving. Use this data to reach out and get them coming back!

See the widget on your Dashboard

Birthday Rewards!

Give your customers sweet birthday treats!

Looking for a way to prompt a visit from your customers? Engage them with a birthday reward! Remind them of your business by remembering them on their special day 😀

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