Get customers during off-peak hours

Our new ‘Off-peak Rewards’ feature helps you get more sales during the hours you have low foot traffic. See it in action:

We are rolling out this feature to CandyBar accounts progressively. You'll soon see this feature under the Rewards section in the Dashboard.

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Compare Outlet Performance

What's your best performing outlet?

If you've got multiple outlets set up in CandyBar, you can now compare how different outlets are performing. Use this data to motivate staff and tweak your operations. Here's how it looks:

Find your Best Performing Outlet here

Prepaid Bundles

Offer Prepaid Bundles at your store

Selling prepaid bundles gets you cash flow upfront as well as customer lock-in. Customers also get as small discount on the items they are buying. It's a WIN-WIN!

Try it yourself!

Customers Slipping Away Widget

Customers slipping away

Find out which of your loyalty program customers are at high risk of leaving. Use this data to reach out and get them coming back!

See the widget on your Dashboard

Birthday Rewards!

Give your customers sweet birthday treats!

Looking for a way to prompt a visit from your customers? Engage them with a birthday reward! Remind them of your business by remembering them on their special day 😀

​Read the Help Article here

Customer Insights - Heat Map

Learn more about your customers and their shopping patterns

We've completely redesigned customers insights from the grounds up. See a heat map of your store's busiest hours, as well as customer demographics and the frequency of their visits.

See Customer Insights Dashboard