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The internet has a lot of avenues and streets. There are so many places to go and so many things to find.

But if you are the owner, not the customer, how will you promote and get great attention among the other billion places?

The first thing you need is to set a solid foundation. We know that the core element that highlights its place and ensures continuity is the product. Still, the most basic experience that protects the product’s continuity, demand, and quality is UX, aka user experience.

In a small, obscure street, your product got people’s attention. They start to talk about it and mention their acquaintance to check out, thanks to your hard-working and robust team with their well-designed UX strategies. However, to take your product to the famous, the most crucial thing you need next to a strong UX is your UI, akauser interface.

UX and UI design. Well, it sounds similar. Are they?

Let’s dive into the importance of UI and UX design and the difference between them.

What is UX Design?

First, let’s look at the importance and overall mission of UX design to apprehend the UI design better. 

UX is a journey between your product and the customer, and the holistic interaction designates what the customer thinks about the product, satisfaction, unity, and preference.

UX aims to further encourage and develop the product in line with the customer’s preferences by placing the product on a solid foundation with the invisible codes, preferences, and brainstorming planned from the very beginning.

To enhance the UX, creative and well-designed strategies are necessary and critical because the UX is the foundation of your product, and it is both the beginning and the future. To reinforce your UX, you can check out our content about the UX strategies.

What is UI Design?

The UI is a medium that connects the customer with the software or hardware.

Specific data must be registered when a user interacts with hardware or software to achieve the aspired action. These data input preferences are a lot, but it fundamentally occurs through a graphical design, UI.

UI is more of a digital term than UX. UI forms the entire visual side of the customer’s connection with the product.

It provides an individual interaction that makes the product visible and feels for the customer by using hardware or software. Screens, displays, font, lighting, sound, videos, keyboard, shapes; it’s all UI design. 

The beauty in digitalization emerges at the end of a critical, creative process that reveals the product, makes it stand out and supports product design and packaging. 

Why is UI Design Substantial? 

No matter how much you plan, write pages of code and try to launch the product in the best way possible, the UI design is the place that will determine the customer’s first impression of the product.

Therefore, it is very critical how the essential ostensible order works. With its simplicity, creativity, attractiveness, color, etc., the consumer’s right brain is activated and excitedly takes a step on a more immersive journey.

If the UI is effective, it seems that the product has achieved many of the details promised in the first step. This situation, which empowers both the consumer and the producer, directly increases satisfaction and quality.

A well-conceived UI provokes a glorious, lascivious, fascinating experience for first-time customers who have never heard of the product.

Why UX and UI Design and not UX vs. UI?

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UX and UI designs work on the principle that unity is strength. These two work in conjunction with each other.

Can you give your brain the command to work with the right side and then let go of the right and move to the left? Of course, not. Just like this, UX and UI empower and advance themselves in perfect harmony.

A good user experience requires an exemplary user interface. Providing assertive integrity rather than comparing with each other creates a win-win situation.

UI and UX design

Providing conceptual creativity, UX achieves holistic success with visual creativity UI. To exemplify this situation, if you have a well-prepared falafel, its shape, tanning, taste, and presentation order are related to UI. The service you serve the falafel in the first place is related to UX. This situation also determines why they prefer your falafel over any other place’s one.

The magnificent interrelation of UX and UI design can achieve lots of positive and efficient benefits to the business. It is a perverse aspect and strategy to construct a perception of comparisons such as either UX or UI, to develop the product in itself, make it stand out in the market, and ensure its sustainability.

SaaS UI and UX Design Examples

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AnnounceKit’s Analytics dashboard is a good example of a UI and UX design. It has simple visual elements with well-designed product typography, color, and images. The page provides a user-friendly feeling and simple navigation.

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Dark mode pages are mostly harder to optimize. But, a design by Kate Dihich for a dark mode task manager is not one of them. It has a simple date sidebar and color-labeled boxes for each task. And a bigger box for reminding the upcoming task. We can say that it has a good UI and UX design.

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We have always been a big fan of Intercom’s landing page entrance. The line draws a smiley first and reaches to the live chat widget. It is an aesthetically appealing UI and UX design example.


A strong foundation for the product and a healthy UX and UI design friendship where visuality meets sustainability makes yours unique among many businesses.

UX and UI is an indispensable and definite success for anyone who is not satisfied with being a small shop on the internet but wants to take their story to the influential, glorious avenues.

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