best SaaS marketing trends for 2021

SaaS marketing is a unique branch and different than every other type of marketing available currently. Unique goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) are crucial factors to determine the general trends for the marketing of SaaS. Some trends did not leave a significant impact before on the SaaS industry and its market. But some of them have left a compelling impact and judging by their scale, this impact will accelerate in the upcoming years. Web traffic, email subscribers, and qualified leads are the biggest metrics that define the strategy for the marketing of SaaS every year. But there are some factors this year that highlight the SaaS marketing trends for 2021.

Surely, SaaS Marketing Trends for 2021 have been affected by the current issues and driven by people’s habits. It looks like many of the trends are prone to changes in 2021. Especially, with the emergence of AI and machine learning, SaaS marketing trends will be shaped again. There are four key SaaS trends that seem to have more impact on the SaaS marketing trends for 2021.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Artificial intelligence technology is no longer on the shelves of the developers or at the university campuses. It has already started to shape our lives in many different ways. AI impact has been quite small compared to other emerging technologies lately but this will change quickly in the future. The SaaS market was also hesitant in the beginning but it is about to change. AI technology holds enormous potentials for the SaaS industry and companies will look for ways to create AI-optimized SaaS solutions in 2021.

There are risks to be taken with AI optimized SaaS solutions mainly because it is relatively new. But AI technology is one of the most innovative solutions in the SaaS market now. So companies should follow the AI trends to be able to compete with their rivals. Automation, enhanced efficiency, and productivity of the AI technology will optimize SaaS and its market in the future. It looks like it will mark 2021 trends for SaaS.

Enhanced Security

For many industries including the SaaS industry, online security is a real issue. Following the big hacking problems in the last years, we can predict that security will be one of the priorities in the industry in the upcoming years. Therefore the SaaS industry will likely to respond to the increasing security precautions demand in 2021.

SaaS developers should look for ways to enhance their security. Artificial Intelligence technology looks like a good opportunity to work on this issue. Automated preventions and eliminations of any threats with the help of AI might be considered in the upcoming years to improve the security problems that some clients might have.

Rise of the MicroSaaS

The SaaS industry is dominated by big companies and currently, the SaaS market is very competitive. So it is quite hard for new emerging SaaS businesses to join and show their potential in the market. On the other hand, macro dominance over the market did not prevent SaaS innovators to join the market. Therefore, micro-SaaS companies have started to emerge in the market. The future is brighter for those companies.

What is micro-SaaS? It is a device or a service used to improve the quality of the SaaS products already existing in the market. Micro-SaaS can be add-ons, accessories, and extensions to the existing devices. Therefore, MicroSaaS business owners have a chance to function in the market. In this way, they do not need to compete with highly competitive big SaaS business in which they would likely to be failed. MicroSaaS projects can be quite successful because teams achieve great outcomes with a little cost and without any other external funding.

Mobile-first Approach


Smartphones have become the main source of surfing on the internet and accessing the online market for most people. Business owners have already turned their focus on mobile devices rather than conventional computers. So, offering SaaS on mobile devices will be a priority for many business owners. The SaaS marketing trends will most likely to respond to this trend of the mobile-first approach in the upcoming year. Product teams should look for better ways to serve better on mobile devices.

Business SaaS development should see mobile devices as their primary source. Business owners and employees have the flexibility to use their mobile devices to do their jobs wherever they are. SaaS teams should spot this change in customer behavior and adjust the market according to the new mobile device supremacy over traditional computer usage.

The SaaS industry will not slow down in the future. We can even expect that it will improve in the following years. Companies and business owners can adjust their strategies according to the new or continuing trends for the SaaS industry in 2021. So they should think about the emergence and relevance of AI technology and AI-powered SaaS trends. SaaS vendors can use AI-empowered technology to enhance their security as well. This AI-powered SaaS marketing will dominate the area. Because the security issue is going to have more impact in the following year. Also, the rise of the micro-SaaS industry is going to be better for those who want to join in the market dominated by a handful of big companies.


MicroSaaS marketing strategies will allow emerging SaaS vendors to join the industry. This shows the adaptability of the SaaS industry and how flexible the market is. Last but not least, as mobile devices are now ruling the online market, the mobile-first approach will be a priority for SaaS vendors and the industry will lean towards the mobile-first approach fastly in 2021. AnnounceKit is already delivering micro-SaaS, is also taking security issues in the hand and their mobile-first approach is likely to gain acceleration in 2021.Moreover, reading the best product marketing books might help you to increase your success!

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