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Your product is at the core of your company. We can liken that your product is your developing idea in your brain. You should work hard to evolve it.

Most people think like that, but they always miss the most critical connection, which comes from the heart. The heart, which is declared by the emotions, of your work, belongs to the customers.

Customers control the effectiveness of your product. After launching your product to the market, they control nearly everything about your product. They have enormous power over it.

To transfer your thoughts, vision, experience, and quality, you need to establish a good conversation with your customer. Without keeping in touch with your customer, you can not retain your place on the market.

You need a well-designed customer experience strategy to construct a healthy relationship between your product and the customer.

How can we define a customer experience?

Customer experience, CX, is a journey that allows you to analyze and see the interaction between your product and the customer.

Customer experience is a footmark of your customer. The total interplay enables you to gain data from your customer.

Customer experience is significant in establishing healthy communication between the product and the customer by evaluating the answers to such questions. Where is the product in the eyes of the customer? What is the satisfaction rate? What was the problem, and how was it resolved? Did the customer find a solution quickly from the customer representative or the website?

Why create a customer experience strategy?

A better customer experience means better brand sustainability and quality. Creating a customer experience strategy directly uplifts your brand or product’s selling, creates a win-win situation, and enables you to create a strong bond between the product and the customer. 

Let’s look at five different strategies to make your customer experience fantastic! 

1) Be Specific, Become Terrific!

Your vision in your team and your target customers should be specific and clear. Establishing a clear customer-focused vision makes you easily communicate with your foundation.

Your marketing team will be the most familiar persons with the customer in every step of your product but do not only communicate with your marketing team. Employees are in a unique position. They provide information about the product and your bond promises. Giving value to their aspects are critical, so let the whole team know about the experience! 

Not only inform your employees about how the process is going on but also give them a chance to participate in this experience. For example, creating a team base empowering values or making employee surveys will nourish your team. A healthy team means healthy progress!

Comprehending who your customers are, provides you with a healthy and transparent experience. Your customer support service will deal with different types of people—the target customers, older customers, younger customers, etc. You can specify determined personas to make your customer service easily communicate with the customer and solve the problem as soon as possible. 

Being specific for both the team and the customer is the backbone of your brand’s journey. It will increase the speed, clarity, and responsiveness of communication.

2) Personalization means care

Customers want to establish an emotional connection with the brand. When they make it, their loyalty and trust adjust quickly positively.

How to achieve this personalization healthily? You can turn the adverbs to “you“‘ while communicating with the customer.

Sending e-mails, surveys, or calling for news about your product, you can use a specific person in your team and a particular language for the customer. You can determine the customer’s features by using their location, past purchases, or survey answers.

customer experience
Fashion brand Thread uses personalized e-mails.

Your first aim is to create an emotional connection with the customer and the brand. Your employee becomes the brand in the conversation, not a regular person, so not what s/he says is essential, but how s/he says it is crucial for the customer.

The customer experience will directly develop after feeling as they are the vital thing, not the product or selling.

 The Journal of Consumer Research declared that more than %50 of a customer experience is based upon an emotion while deciding to buy the product or recommending the brand to people.

3) Omnichannel approach is essential

Designing your brand with an omnichannel approach will also encourage the customer experience. This strategy has a holistic effect on the brand. Increasing the customer experience by taking advantage of the blessings and diversity of technology is perhaps one of the essential strategies today.

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Zara developed an omnichannel system for the İpads’ and phones’ to find the product quick and easily for both online and store shopping

Steps such as buying and selling, recognizing and experiencing the product, which is not only connected to the intersite or computer screen, have now been moved to many screens. Being omnichannel has an influential place in providing an operational experience on laptops, iPad, and phones.

This strategy, which provides the opportunity to design the experience, when used well, prioritize CX, provides many detailed data and positive feedback on behalf of the customer experience.

4) Maps give you every detail; look at it! 

Observing all possibilities and being ready for almost any situation always puts you in a more advantageous position when you have a game plan. The customer journey map gives you every detail and exhibits all of the circumstances.

Screen Shot 2021 10 23 at 6.25.48 PM

A customer journey map is also an important strategy. Visually presenting the customer’s progress, challenges, problems, thoughts, wishes, and requirements, this strategy takes the brand one step ahead in enhancing the customer experience positively.

5) Customer service is your welcome team!

In general perception, it is observed that customer service is the same as customer experience, but customer service and customer experience are not the same.

Customer service is just one step in customer experience. Customer service is the backbone for excellent customer experience. It is perception management that differentiates the brand for customers. The people with whom s/he directly communicate are the spokespersons of the brand. When speaking on behalf of the brand, they should solve and provide the customer’s request, problem or demand in the best way by being knowledgeable, challenging, specific, experienced, and solution-oriented.

So why are they ‘welcome’ team? Contacting the customer under the consciousness of customer service and the customer’s active communication with the brand with this strategy is one of the situations that affect the brand most positively.


It is imperative to increase brand sustainability and uniqueness by healthy communication with thought and emotion.

With all these strategies and requirements, the importance of customer experience is increasing day by day, and it has become a necessity for brands. That’s why customer experience is so important.

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