Biteplay Got Smarter 🤓

New Updates:
Hey everyone, we'd like to announce some big news (get used to it btw).
Our users are becoming real sharks on the blue and large ocean of Youtube ads, and to help them swim around, we're working hard to bring the best and smartest tool for you.

Biteplayers at work

announcement New Rank Checker:

Retrieve keywords related to the video searched and find out *automatically* how the video is doing in those.

improvement More Information on Inventory:

Now keeps track of likes, dislikes, views and comments, and displays channel info, if search related to channel

improvement Channel Overview:

Now displays more info in Influencer Search (5 last videos and their stats)

improvement Beauty

New primary color and light theme slightly changed for better readability and aesthetics

improvement Inventory, Folders, Lists customization:

Can now add an emoji/icon to any of those to give them a unique look.

fix Bug Fixes and QoL - too much to list, but here are some:
Fixed Inventory bug that wouldn't render your searches in editing mode - You can now freely edit searches.

improvement New search filters - Video Search and Inventory:
Minimum Views: You can now cut videos containing less than the required amount of views.

announcement Exact and narrow match:
Highly requested filter. Can now filter videos to contain exact match (in title), narrow match (full sentence in title or description), or broad match

announcement Academy:
Now free for everyone, no need to do anything - happy thanksgiving!