Dashboard improvements 💪

We've added some new cool functionality to the dashboard which helps you customize it to your liking.

List mode

You are now able to view all your checks in list mode instead of grid mode.

TV mode

Go big with TV mode. Remove the header (menu) from your view and fit even more checks onto your screen (when in grid mode).

Dark mode

No more sore eyes - dark mode is finally here! View your dashboard in a dark color scheme.

Filter by tags and state

Got many checks and want to filter them? No problem! Filter your dashboard by either assigned tag or current state (up, down, or flapping).

Introducing the new “Add check”-Wizard 🧙

We are proud to introduce our new “Add check”-Wizard. We have added some cool new features and made it even easier to set up a check. 

So what have we done? Take a look! 

Completely new UI

We have moved away from the “Modal (popup)”-based Wizard and on to a new and cleaner “full-screen experience.” We chose this for two reasons:

1) To simplify the UX

2) To add more advanced features without cluttering Wizard

Our mission is to make monitoring easy as pie 🥧 while at the same time supporting advanced features like Assertions, HTTP request methods & settings, etc. The problem? Too many options scare regular users off 😱

This is why you rarely see an article recommending adding more fields to your forms – 99/100 recommends removing as many options as possible. 

So how do we keep it simple while remaining advanced? We toggle it.

New advanced settings

We made our Uptime-check even more powerful with some awesome new features.

HTTP Methods – Now you can perform a check via GET, POST, PUT, HEAD, DELETE and PATCH

HTTP request settings – Add custom headers and body to your check. We have made it super easy by including a list of more than 70 HTTP request/response headers and by adding a syntax-highlighter to the “request body”-section.

Run request – Quickly test your settings by running a reqest from within the wizard. This makes it easy to validate all your settings.

Follow redirects– By default, we follow all 3XX-redirects. Now you have the option to deselect this, e.g. if you want to test if your check gives to a 3XX-message.

…But wait – there’s more!

We’ve also made some other improvements to the overall experience. 

Automatically adding HTTP-protocol – We saw that some users entered the URL without a protocol, which made the check fail. So now, if another protocol isn’t provided (https), we automatically prefix the URL with “http://”.

Easier naming – When you reach the last step in the Wizard, we have automatically added the URL to the “Check name”-field. We also removed the protocol and capitalized it, to make it easier to read.

Tagging – Some of you also inquired about the option to “tag” your checks. We listened and added this functionality. We aren’t quite ready to implement it on the dashboard since we’re currently making some adjustments here also.

Better summary – We improved the summary quite a bit visually. We also added a pencil-icon that redirects you to that given element, so it is quicker to make edits. 

Validation for fields – Before we didn’t have that much validation on our input-fields – now we do! And yes, we know…

“Change interval”-Warning – If you update your check-interval after setting your notifications, you will now get a warning, that your notification settings may have changed. 

An example: If you change from a 1-minute interval to a 30-minute interval, you can only choose “instantly” or intervals that are divisible by 30 or instantly.

Quicker to add more checks – We know you are a busy person, so we’ve added a “Create a new check”-button on the “Success”-page, so you can quickly add a new check.

Last but not least, a heartfelt thank you to all of our excellent BETA-testers for providing some great feedback. You guys/girls rock! 🤘