Time To First Byte (TTFB) ⏱️

We have added the "Time To First Byte" (TTFB)-metric to the check-report.

TTFB is the time it takes for the browser (the visitor) to receive the first byte of data from the server. It tells you something about the server's response time.

Not only does TTFB have a huge impact on user satisfaction, but it can also have a direct effect on your SEO.

Google recommends a TTFB below 200 ms.

You can view the average TTFB (for the selected time range) in the left-side "widget area", where you also find Availability, Response Time, etc.

To view TTFB for a single test, hover the bar graph under "Log". You can also hover the bar graph under "Geographic response time" to view TTFB for that geographic area.